Thursday, February 28, 2008

I like beautiful blurs

so life aye? we can't always tell whats going to happen or when something is going to come along and change everything. your whole perspective gets skewed and suddenly things start to make sense.

theres this girl right, who i havent seen in the flesh for about two years now. she recently got back into the country and i asked her if she wanted to get dinner. and she said yes.

now, don't let my lazy exterior fool you, when i have to i can put a lot of effort into cooking. well, anything to be honest, but cooking is something that i have never found particularly difficult. i was, however determined to go out of my way to make sure this meal was one that would be awesome.

so i went to the supermarket. i would have gone alone usually, but this time i took the Griff and John with my for backup...and mostly for moral support. we did the whole shebang, bought everything we needed after a short fiasco involving chocolate sauce ( during which we discussed its pro, cons and various uses).

when i got home i was behind schedule. the plan was for me to get there and have enough time to get clean before i started on the cooking. i started to panic, should i get clean and stuff first or get the cooking out of the way? luckily my decision was made for me when she sent me a text telling me that she would be late.

in fact, whenever we are supposed to meet up for anything i wait for these "imma be five minutes late" texts. i collect hers. i have quite a few now.

she showed up, i had prepared all the hard stuff earlier ( its important to get all the peeling and chopping and stuff out of the way early, especially if you're having someone over for dinner. that way you spend more time on the more impressive parts of cooking ) and we talked while i cooked. then we talked while we ate. then we went out to the balcony and talked some more.

then it got late.

i think it was around eleven o'clock. when she looked at me and said something like,

"it's getting late, i think i should be heading home soon."

and then i said,

"yeah, you could do that...or we could make out."

then there was that silence. that moment where you don't know what she's thinking, and your life can go either two ways. she can either say yes, or she can say no.

i'd like to say that we went straight away and made out like crazy people, but we didn't. we spent about an hour talking it over...pretty much.

then we went and made out like crazy people.