Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Topping Last Year

I made a mistake last year. I made what I consider to be the best Birthday card ever. I spent ages debilitating over what to draw for my friends card, and I knew I had to make it awesome. I was pretty proud of myself, and you can see the card here. Last year I collaborated with Mr Kaoskongo and the gang and it turned out pretty damn cool.

But that was my mistake. I had made the card TOO awesome. How on earth was I going to top that? I mean it had a sword! And an achievement bar! And a naked lady riding my friend drawn as a Centaur! 

Then Nakita Internington had the best idea. And it hit me, I knew what I had to draw. Here are the pictures. 

Cover of the card. The M is so that he figures out which way it opens. 

Detail shot of cover.
And then BAM! It pops up! 

Bula pattern cloaks. What all wizards are wearing this season. 

Oh noes evil centipede of doom! (Or Caterpillar if you're Sharky) 

That's right, you can move the lightning bolt around.

So materials were pretty much two A3 sheets of 250gsm glossy card, one sasa stick, a whole lotta glue and cellotape. I did all the art digitally this year, as I have been doing my hardest to master the wacom tablet.

We got that printed at the print shop, after working out a prototype to see how big we should make the individual pieces, then Nakita cut out all the little fiddly bits (she is very pro at that, way more patient than I am with the corners and in general)

Now...what the heck am I going to do about next year...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Workin' Progress

Hey hey! So in an effort to improve my art, I've been making a lot more prints lately. It's more an attempt to make sure I put enough effort into a piece instead of just half-arsing it, as when you print it out a whole lot more detail is on display for people. 

Speaking of display, I've also decided that next year I'm going to try put a couple of pieces of together for the art exhibition. Here are a couple of prints I made.


Easter Island heads are awesome.