Monday, November 19, 2007

Of Wilson, WoW and Rants

hello there!

i've noticed something, it appears that the regularity of my blogging is directly linked to when my World of Warcraft account is down. i mean, its not that i don't want to write or's just theres alliance to be slain...and gold to be earned. (i wants my epic flying mount, wants it i say!)

anyhow, stuff's actually been happening, you know, in real life. shudder.

for example, last friday (why is it that most of the adventurous things happen when i'm drunk?) the gang went out...and traps was actually happening for once. i ended up hanging out with Betty and her friends for a while, which was alright, although i doubt that i was able to impress much. when albie is drunk he has two modes. dance and rant. honestly, now i that i look back at it, i'm pretty annoying to hang out with when i'm drunk, as wilson can attest to :P

it's also weird that i seem to be the only one who is able to piss wilson off. usually, he's a really friendly guy (except of course, when it comes to the alliance) like that time we to play pool, and he freaked out because i played a little trick with one of the balls. i mean, Arjay was playing with the balls too, and ol' Wil didn't seem to mind. in retrospect that paragraph can be read in a very suggestive way... so let me just affirm that there are "billiard balls" we're playing with here.

my irish accent also pissed him off once. i *think* it was that weekend where i stayed up with Griff all night drinking bourbon. once again, it slightly worries me that i can't pinpoint the excact weekend off the top of my head. my irish accent is also pretty strange, it seems to come out when i am inebriated...despite the fact that i'm only like, an eighth irish. also, it's a pretty bad accent. bad as in terrible, not bad as in good.

and then there are the rants. which are not very handy when trying to impress the fairer sex. for example, here is an exerpt from one of these rants:

albie: why would people just leave peanuts there unless they wanted people to be messed up, i mean, these are the most freaking spicy peanuts i've ever eaten, it's like some sort of bastard offspring of nut and lava. i'm just lucky all this lovely beer is here, to, y'know wash away the spiciness...(rant continues)


lawrence: dude, what are you doing?

albie: talking about peanuts

lawrence: *smacks forehead*

i for one, think my rants are cute. anyone agree?

so yeah, friday was fun ^_^

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So, i was going to save money this thursday, yes i was. I was going to stay home and eat noodles and drink juice. but it wasn't to be. Griff and I decided to go...out! There was one suck thing though. we were broke. this is a problem, when you go out its always good to have enough to have a few drinks and enjoy yourself, and normally this wouldn't be a problem, coz everyone in my company who banks with ANZ gets paid on Thursday. except for me...who banks with Colonial >_<

Our first stop of the evening was Suva Methodist School, Griff wanted to go and visit his brother, who's a teacher in the north and had brought a whole contingent of athletes down for the Chow Games that are going on. so we mosey on up to the school at around nine at night to find the gate locked. we then look for an "alternative" form of entry and found that next to main gate there's this little hole thing in the chain link fence that's about two feet high.

so we went in through the hole. Griff pulls through like an expert, while i get the knee of my jeans caught on a wire and fall. But regardless, we're in. Then we go and see his brother. Nobody tried to stop us or anything. i mean, you've got Griff, who is pretty scary until you get to know him, and me, who...isn't that scary, but could be in a dark room...with bunnies as the alternative. the teachers and stuff kind of just assumed we were supposed to be there i guess. which suited us fine.

After meeting Griff's brother we escaped before we were roped into drinking grog with the oldies and took off for town. I also managed to get a nice scrape on my head from crawling through that god damned gate.

our next stop was Traps, which was alright...not too crowded or anything, but not packed. anyway, Griff had somehow managed to get his hands on a couple of beers. i did not question how he did this. all i know is he told me to wait in the front bar while he went in. five minutes later he returns with beer, muttering something about feeling dirty.

now, we run into an acquaintance of ours, who looks very happy to see me, and absolutely demands that we go to the other club, since apparently the one we're in is "so dead, man". i tell her that the reason we're here is because i can't get into the other club, (see this story...honestly i get a stopped a lot going into that club) and she says not to worry about, shes pretty confident she can get me in.

this is basically what happened next:

"you ain't gettin' in here boyeeee."

so, i hung my head in shame, and walked home in the surprisingly humid night air. the suck thing is, that now i'm a marked man, and will probably be unable to get in there ever again. on the positive side, i now have plenty of material for new comic adventures. yay!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Awesome Drunken Adventures!

So i wasn't going to go out this weekend. On saturday i asked Noodle if there was anything she wanted to talk about. we beat around the bush for hours talking about monkeys and we decided to talk some more in the evening. This decision was made mainly because i had work to do. On saturday. Yes, my life is glamorous.

But this wasn't to be, my mate Lawrence was feeling depressed, so we decided to hit the town in full force, all the boys. i also made a promise to mate Griff, after we decided to go out. you see usually, i find a way to leave the party train before it gets too late, so that i can get some sleep and recover, and so that the hangover the next day isn't so bad. But Griff made me promise that i'd keep up with him that night.

I should never had made that promise.

To put it simply, Griff is crazy. when it comes to drinking i have yet to meet someone with an Iron Liver like his. We drank, then we drank, and then we drank some more. Also, we watched some 24.

is it just me, or is Jack Bauer the most kickass Counter Terrorist ever? If he was in Counter Strike everyone would pick him.

so it's five in the morning, and we finish the drinks, we're at Griffs house, and i am too drunk to go home. So i say my good mornings and knock out in the spare room. Hello drunken sleep.

two hours later, there is a cat in my face, meowing so freakin' loudly.

this wakes me up with a start, for one, i'm still drunk, i'm confused because i'm in a strange bed, and this cat is getting in the way of me sleeping. so i do what any normal man would do. i punch the cat as hard as i can.

what's weird about the whole thing is that Griff doesn't even have a freaking cat.

and that was my awesome weekend, and now i have an awesome hangover.

i need a girlfriend...

Monday, November 5, 2007

I can has awesome (cake) eraser!

not that said eraser can erase cakes, alrhough i wouldn't put it past it, this eraser is that good!

for weeks i've searching for a good eraser...most of the ones i buy end up being slightly gritty, and not always getting rid of all the pencil marks, leading me to rub harder and mess up the paper (no bad thoughts people...please).

but this morning, i went to the store to pick up my monthly block of paper and saw this eraser on the shelves. i tried it about forty seconds ago. i love it.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shoes FTW!

i have cool new shoes. this is what i kept repeating to myself during the weekend, especially during the points where i was extremely sad.

Lawrence took off for the west on friday, didn't get to see him off but we did get lunch on friday. last i heard was that he was still in nadi...on sunday night. i think we all need to make a collective d'oh.

love is a funny thing isn't it? i remember one time, a year or so ago, when my dad and i were talking about this strange thing. we were sitting on the verandah at the back of our house at sunset and he had a glass of wine and i had my coca cola and we were just yarning about how our day had gone.

i started telling him about this girl, whom i refer to in this blog as noodle, and how much i liked her. more than that though, i wanted some advice from him, mostly because i had no idea how to go about this whole thing properly, and noodle was the first girl i actually had the urge to try and make things work with. despite of course, the numerous problems and difficulties that could (and did) arise.

he told me that i just had to work at it. thats all.

so yeah, this weekend noodle and i had a bit of a tiff. well, not a bit...sort of a big one. i dunno, its kinda hard to gauge these things when both parties are on opposite sides of the planet. during this time of confusion, i kept repeating my mantra:

"i have really cool shoes"

then of course there was the obligatory drowning of the sorrows, which included a trip to Traps! yay!

sadly, the only action that i got was a gay man who shook my hand for and uncomfortably long time and told me how much he loved my radio show...seriously. i don't think mike and griff are going to let me forget that for a while.


i also finally managed to clear Shadow Lab with Seedus the mage. i would go into detail with it here, but it doesn't really go with the whole tone of the Awesome Cake blog. i am, however, considering starting blog for mr. mage. i'd call it Cannon of Glass or something, it'd be sweet. like PoM and Pyro. opinions people?

so yeah, weekend was...mostly the suck.

apart from finishing Slab.

and the new shoes.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is it just me?

i was talking to a mate of mine a couple of days ago, as we ran down the road, about women. and the pursuit of.

women are complicated. this is an established fact. don't try to deny this.

i asked him if it was normal that i haven't been feeling the urge to pursue girls lately. when i was younger (he says with smoking jacket and pipe) i had this urge to pursue females all the time. i think it was hormones...anyway, lately i've been feeling slightly complacent about the whole let's find someone to date sorta thing.

my friend suggested that maybe i have a lack of confidence when it comes to women. i doubt this, i talk to women all the time, they make up half of the population for crying out loud, i just don't flirt with a whole lot of them.

anyway, writing this out is kind just a mental disgorging of thoughts i've been thinking lately.

addendum: i wrote this post a couple of days ago. yesterday i found out that i very much like flirting with female peoples. so yes, basically this post is pointless except for the fact that it points out that i have no idea what i want at times ^_^