Thursday, November 15, 2007


So, i was going to save money this thursday, yes i was. I was going to stay home and eat noodles and drink juice. but it wasn't to be. Griff and I decided to go...out! There was one suck thing though. we were broke. this is a problem, when you go out its always good to have enough to have a few drinks and enjoy yourself, and normally this wouldn't be a problem, coz everyone in my company who banks with ANZ gets paid on Thursday. except for me...who banks with Colonial >_<

Our first stop of the evening was Suva Methodist School, Griff wanted to go and visit his brother, who's a teacher in the north and had brought a whole contingent of athletes down for the Chow Games that are going on. so we mosey on up to the school at around nine at night to find the gate locked. we then look for an "alternative" form of entry and found that next to main gate there's this little hole thing in the chain link fence that's about two feet high.

so we went in through the hole. Griff pulls through like an expert, while i get the knee of my jeans caught on a wire and fall. But regardless, we're in. Then we go and see his brother. Nobody tried to stop us or anything. i mean, you've got Griff, who is pretty scary until you get to know him, and me, who...isn't that scary, but could be in a dark room...with bunnies as the alternative. the teachers and stuff kind of just assumed we were supposed to be there i guess. which suited us fine.

After meeting Griff's brother we escaped before we were roped into drinking grog with the oldies and took off for town. I also managed to get a nice scrape on my head from crawling through that god damned gate.

our next stop was Traps, which was alright...not too crowded or anything, but not packed. anyway, Griff had somehow managed to get his hands on a couple of beers. i did not question how he did this. all i know is he told me to wait in the front bar while he went in. five minutes later he returns with beer, muttering something about feeling dirty.

now, we run into an acquaintance of ours, who looks very happy to see me, and absolutely demands that we go to the other club, since apparently the one we're in is "so dead, man". i tell her that the reason we're here is because i can't get into the other club, (see this story...honestly i get a stopped a lot going into that club) and she says not to worry about, shes pretty confident she can get me in.

this is basically what happened next:

"you ain't gettin' in here boyeeee."

so, i hung my head in shame, and walked home in the surprisingly humid night air. the suck thing is, that now i'm a marked man, and will probably be unable to get in there ever again. on the positive side, i now have plenty of material for new comic adventures. yay!


Allen said...

It'd help if you carried an ID card that has your birth date on it. A drivers license or learners permit will do.

Try going on a quiet nite like mon or tues. Just so that those bouncer fags can recognise you. It'd help to look friendly and force a smile. If you get stopped, speak politely and calmly present your ID card. Gotta understand that these bouncers use these occasions to wield their "authority" and humour themselves, since they're just a bunch of bums at the end of nite.

Albie said...

i guess having some ID would help the end of the day though, it'd still say i was born in 1989 though...and they were kinda enforcing the "you gotta be 21" rule.


Allen said...

That sucks! The 21 age rule applies to those buying alcohol at the bar. 18 is the age minimum age to enter.

Da Nazis!