Wednesday, April 9, 2008

That not-so-fresh feeling

So i'm unemployed again. i kinda knew that it would happen...well...kinda. it's not a whole lotta fun to be right all the time about sucky things :P

anyways, being unemployed has its benefits, i mean, i'm way ahead of schedule on my comics for the Valekama gang, which is cool. but being unemployed is the suck, and i still haven't gotten paid by those guys for the stuff i've done for them. the media industry is a pain in the ass sometimes.

so, it's the usual, my mum is giving me the same crap about me not making monies, or helping out enough. which is alright, i guess, she has a right to be concerned. i just want to make comics though dammit. i'm not half bad at it >_<

the anniversary of my dad's death is coming up this week. its been a year now, i still miss him. and it's been an interesting year, and so much harder without him.

i'll prolly have to dedicate a whole post to my dad at some point.

one of the only things that's keeping me slightly sane at this point is my girlfriend...she makes me see things more clearly than i usually would. i don't exactly know if it's because shes a woman or because i'm just really bad at seeing the big picture. probably a combination of both.

and no, this isn't a post with no reason. i...wait...yeah it is.

stay spiffy!