Friday, December 28, 2007

El Diablo!

so, in my quest to find a way to kill time until either

a) i get a job


b) my world of warcraft subs are renewed

i downloaded Diablo and started playing.

its lotsa fun, i made myself a warrior ( who is actually the most simple class to play) and started dungeon diving. it was slightly therapeutic i must say, clicking on a demon knight and watching him go "arrghlglgleee" and keel over is lotsa fun.

i also was surprised at how well the story stood up, you got to give it to Blizzard, they know how to tell a good yarn.

i was lucky in that around the fourteenth level of the dungeon i got myself this random mace thing. that kicked ass. seriously, it like two shots everything. i found a legendary sword on a blood knight, in the last level, that sucked compared to my mace of ass kickery. it isn't actually called the mace of ass kickery though...

okay, i can see you rolling your eyes, whats so special about this mace aye?

well, items in diablo have a random chance of coming with statistics that are assigned by a suffix and prefix. the mace i found has a super fast attack speed, and has a chance to knock enemies back. what this means is that enemies that rely on stabbing my warrior dude have no chance to do so, since when they get too close they get knocked back. heres the kicker though...the knock back works on diablo himself >_<

he hit me once...and then exploded in a shower of blood and bone and junk.

thats cool and all...but i finished diablo now, and now have to find another time killing device.


so...i quit my day job. twas an interesting development, also, kind of silly of me, since it was christmas eve, one of the busiest times of year. but...hopefully things turn out for the better, besides, i'd been there on and off for almost three years. a long time for one so young :P

oh, and merry christmas!

have an awesome cake 2008!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


well, this weekend has i guess the word would be fun. It was John's birthday on friday, so we went out and had fun at Traps! yay! also, we somehow managed to buy the most expensive squid in suva city, but thats a story for another day. saturday was...the more interesting day though.

i went with Socks to go and see I am Legend. that movie rocked :)

the slack thing though, was that i managed to miss a very important part of the movie, somewhere between the second and third act due to a call of nature. so...the third act was kind of disjointed for me. i still think though, that Will Smith definately deserves some sort of award though. for the whole movie was basically him. he carried it on his shoulders and it worked. yay for the fresh prince! :P

after that, Socks and i went to Griffs place, to chill, play cards and drink grog with the gang. then at about ten we went out to the balcony to talk. we talked until about twelve. so yeah, there was a lot of talking. she also said she liked me. i...the fool that i am, said, thankyou >_<

so yeah, then she asks if i wanted to go for a walk, down bryce street. now i don't want to worry or say anything bad about bryce street..but it can be kind of dangerous. the threat of stabbiness is at a high percentile if you know what i mean. but i went...because she wanted to show me her hood. this is the word that she used.

so yeah...i had fun...although i feel kind of bad. because like i said in a previous post...i'm not a hundred percent in this, ya know? i don't like her like her. gah! emotions are sucky things.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Saga continues

so work has been...interesting. as well as family life. which should i start with first?

well, i got moved to a new shift, which started on Sunday. i can has a co-host, so thats a plus. i'm kinda the invader on her show, since she already had it and established herself on it. what this means is that i get to play kind of a guest character, which is great! mainly because you get to act out a bit more, and play around with styles and stuff. and yes, this is radio i'm talking about :P

the sucky thing is adjusting your body clock, to suit the new shift. i am getting used to it.

hmmm, families...not been too happy lately. i dont know if it's because of the season, or whatever, but my mum and i have been having lots more fights lately. i have also discovered a very passive aggressive side to me that i find disturbing. i hate passive aggressive people! yet thats how i solve the arguments with my mum. tis very weird.

today however, i had a nice talk with her, and she seemed less likely to kill me in my sleep. so that's a plus.

also, if you have a chance to go and see Enchanted, go and do so! it's berry berry good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So I met Someone

yah, she's nice, and my friends and i have come to call her socks, due to a hilarious and very witty event. well, she was wearing interesting socks. but yeah, it's early days yet. the thing is...the thing is...well, can i be honest with you? the thing is, i'm not really one hundred percent into this thing, and, unless my person reading skills aren't as good as they used to be, she likes me. meh, like i said, early days.

maybe its a good thing though. i mean, when i'm a hundred percent i tend to overthink things and watch my words too much. maybe i need to just, i dunno, go with the flow. also, a couple of weeks ago i asked someone out, and it did not go well. she...was flattered is the short story.

which kinda ticks me off. why are girls always flattered? what? is that like, the safe thing to say?

anyways, i'm over it. moving on and continuing my lonely walk down lifes highways, sword at my hip and cloak around my shoulders, walking through the rain.

early days.

Monday, December 3, 2007


i don't why i picked that as the title for this post, it was the first thing to pop into my head, so it was what i wrote. cool aye?

last friday was one my old friends birthday. i didn't know this until i ran into her and her crew when i went out. she looked so happy to see me that i instantly felt slightly guilty for not knowing. then i bought her some alcohol so it made it better. it's amazing how even though you haven't seen someone in ages they can still be exactly how you remember them.

also, i punched a girl in the face. now the actual event was not as bad as that sentence implies. we were dancing ( for decency sake i won't give her some sort of easily deduced nickname) and she did this spinning around and dropping down thing, which was alright except for the bit where her face hit my hand. pretty hard.

she was alright though, no bruises or bleeding, except to maybe both of our egos.

i also need to work on my dancing more.