Friday, December 28, 2007

El Diablo!

so, in my quest to find a way to kill time until either

a) i get a job


b) my world of warcraft subs are renewed

i downloaded Diablo and started playing.

its lotsa fun, i made myself a warrior ( who is actually the most simple class to play) and started dungeon diving. it was slightly therapeutic i must say, clicking on a demon knight and watching him go "arrghlglgleee" and keel over is lotsa fun.

i also was surprised at how well the story stood up, you got to give it to Blizzard, they know how to tell a good yarn.

i was lucky in that around the fourteenth level of the dungeon i got myself this random mace thing. that kicked ass. seriously, it like two shots everything. i found a legendary sword on a blood knight, in the last level, that sucked compared to my mace of ass kickery. it isn't actually called the mace of ass kickery though...

okay, i can see you rolling your eyes, whats so special about this mace aye?

well, items in diablo have a random chance of coming with statistics that are assigned by a suffix and prefix. the mace i found has a super fast attack speed, and has a chance to knock enemies back. what this means is that enemies that rely on stabbing my warrior dude have no chance to do so, since when they get too close they get knocked back. heres the kicker though...the knock back works on diablo himself >_<

he hit me once...and then exploded in a shower of blood and bone and junk.

thats cool and all...but i finished diablo now, and now have to find another time killing device.

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