Saturday, September 27, 2008

A time travelling post!

i have run out of things to write about. this doesn't mean that my life has suddenly become a black hole of quantum nothingness, just that i have no real interesting things to write about. however! i thought it would be cool to post an old journal entry of mine, written in the year of our lord 2005. i was 15 at the time, this being before my birthday.

Term 2, Week 8
Tuesday (yes, i used to write my dates like this)

today i realised that not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health. also, in a day we will be leaving for the school field trip to nadi.

how do you feel?

do you ever think about the world behind other people. does anybody look at anything the same way? or is it all about the perception. what one person sees in a piece of art may be, no, is different to what others see. (i have no idea why i was writing like this)

the painter sees one thing, the critic sees another. a message must be really strong to get across to so many people, yet mean the same thing. so if you think about it, at the end of the day everyone lives in their own world, and rules only work if you believe in them.

take money for example, it's really just a piece of paper with numbers written on, but the is value associated to it. yet people die over it, kill over it. everyone wants to be valuable i guess.

man is a selfish creature doncha think?

yet they create such wonderful things. music, culture, civilization, poverty, mistrust, war, famine.

man truly is a creature of wonder.

today are the auditions for the form item and i'm still praying that i can get through them without mrs. singh bursting out and laughing at me. if she does laugh at me though, will it be for a different reason than the other people who end up laughing too?

according to the multiverse theory, out there is a universe in which albert, as he is now, is considered suave, handsome, fit and considered a stunning dancer.

i'm such a bastard.

why haven't i called me? given myself some tips or something? anything!

in all honesty i believe that everyone has the potential to be the best at what they do. all they need, all anyone needs is something to give them strength.

everybody needs somebody, although i dont think nobody wants everybody.

hurray! i've reached the end of my free period.

(after this, there is a small entry that reads:)

the fisherman has confessed to killing the three sisters. i am quite disgusted.

and sad.

i kinda feel really bad for the family members.

apparently the girls do not have opinions anymore, they are dead.

hopefully something interesting happens to sometime soon, so i don't have to dredge up some more journal entries :P

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's not the size of the post, it's the motion of the loquacity

so my WoW account died last night. strangely, i'm in no hurry to get it renewed. i fink it's because lately i've been realizing how much of a time sink it is...and i have other things to do. also, lately i've taken to wandering about the city on my own. i mean, i know i have lots and lots and lots of things to get done, but sometimes you just have to be aimless. don't argue with my logic.

we shall see how the lack of warcraft affects my productivity. this is a short post.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's not really cheating!

it helps, if during the fifth panel, you play the ending theme from shortland street in your head. so yeah, i've been feeling like i've been neglecting seedy a little lately. is it weird that i've attached myself emotionally to a collection of polygons and textures?

also, in unrelated news, i have award winning friends ^_^

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kevin Sorbo appreciation day!

Yesterday Wilson, John, Lawrence, Apples and I went to everyones favorite "legit" DVD store to purchase a "Divder" (that's DVD, if i could, I'd pronounce it like). Poking about the DVD cases i found a western flick starring Kevin Sorbo. suddenly, all the memories came back, the expectation every Friday, for a new episode of The Legendary Adventures of Hercules. it was a family thing, at one point, to order pizza and watch the show. later, the show was replaced with Xena (which i found today, is actually a spin off of Hercules!) as the family pizza watchin' show, but the memories...ah the memories.

having the internet, i decided to see if i could find the opening for the show. behold! the opening for Hercules! the music actually brings a tear to my eye...excuse me...i need a sec...

i had actually forgotten that i was going to post about mr. sorbo this morning, until Wilson sent me this picture:
i remember you Kevin...i remember.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Westfall...its brown

if you look closely you can see Frieda in the middle of the screenshot there. she's the one wearing purple. she recently began her adventurin's in Westfall. Westfall is...very brown. also, i'm not playing world of fog-craft, it's just my computer that has a slack (read : none) graphics card.

the reason i bring this is up is because it's what i've been doing a lot of lately, killing time in between working on my portfolio and running after two hyper little hellions who happen to be my cousins. they love Frieda by the way, at some point we had this conversation:

Albert: and Frieda's a mage see, she can shoot fireballs at the bad rat men.

Littler cousin: oooh! she's a magic lady!

Frieda blows up some kobolds

Littler cousin: yay! she's a strong magic lady!

Albert: i have another mage you know, his name is Seedus and he's pretty cool, you want to see him?

Littler cousin: okay!

albert logs Frieda off and logs onto Seedus, his level 70 blood elf mage

Albert: see, he has a dragon, isn't that cool?

Littler cousin: i have a dragon too.

Albert: really, what color is it?

Littler cousin: it's pink!

bear in mind that this littler cousin of mine is two and a half years old. i was kinda dissappointed that she liked my low level alliance mage better than the blood elf one, but i can see how she can relate to the girl one better.

anyways, Lakeshire beckons!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm the underdog....yeah yeah!

The Dirtbombs lyrics in the title field by the by, they make the sounds that make my ears happy. So yeah, even though i haven't been doing as much as i could be doing lately, i feel like i've been too busy to post anything, which is weird. also been feeling very disjointed as of late, hopefully this is all mental and not related to any sort of physical debilitation. yes, it's reached the point where i hope it's mental.

i was walking to town today, and thinking about the classes in Final Fantasy 1. this is because a certain noodle and i were talking about it. i came to the realization that i, really love that game, having finished it 3 and a half times. the last time was...time loopy. this is my reason for doing the write up on the classes. it's not extensive, but hey, it beats short posts :P

now without further ado, here are the various classes you can choose in Final Fantasy one, and their pro's and con's.

Black Mage: ahh yes, the black mage, don't listen to what other people say, those crackers don't know nothing. Black mages are squishy, since they can only wear robes and such, but are the most powerful spell casters, having the ability to totally burn their enemies with the power of dark and deadly magicks! as you can see, i like black mages. in the beginning you won't find them particularly useful, but their ability to quickly clear the screen of enemies makes levelling much much faster. after the class change, they become Black Wizards, which basically just makes them uber.

White Mage: the healbot, every party needs one. they're the ones playing whack-a-mole with your parties health, keeping them alive and casting the spells that get rid of those yucky status ailments like poison and such. for some reason, i always thought the white mage was a girl, but in the original Final Fantasy, after the class change it becomes clear that it's a man wearing those white robes. you could technically delegate healing to a Red Mage if you want, but why not leave the healing to the best?

Thief: the only reason you're choosing the thief is because of it's class change. after class change the thief, for some reason, decides to learn ninjutsu, and as we all know, ninja(s) are awesome. so in the meantime, treat the thief like a slightly squishier fighter. he can't take as much damage but when geared properly can deal the same amount of damage at a faster rate.

Red Mage: i like to think that Red Mages are people who can't decide what the hell damn they want to do. i mean, Red Mages can cast black magic spells, white magic spells, and aren't too shabby with swords. basically, they're a hybrid class. it's possible to finish the game with just a party of 4 red mages. i haven't done this because i don't like them, but if that's your sort of thing, hey, go for it. oh yeah, after class change they become...Red Wizards.

Fighter: your fighter is...a fighter. he hits things with his big weapon, and can equip all the armor in the game. not at the same time though, that would be silly. they deal lots of damage, and are a pain to kill. the only downside? they're the most expensive to equip. in fact, your fighter will be the major gil sink in your party, he's like a high maintenance girlfriend. after class change he becomes Knight and learns some low level white magic. for some reason.

Black Belt: i know...very little about this class, having never leveled one. this is because i've always found him to be out of place. i mean, he's a martial arts expert in a game with knights and wizards. admittedly, the thief becomes a ninja, but that's because ninja are awesome. the black belt just becomes a master. a master of what? i dunno...probably hitting things with his hands.
that's what he does, by the way. he hits things...with his hands.

i personally, like having a party with one fighter, one black mage, one white mage and a thief simply because he becomes a ninja after class change.

but thats just me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Boys just want to fun...and blow things up with rockets

i had a long post in mind. but someone ate it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The dangers of a blank title field

if i were to update you about my week you'd be very bored. in fact, you'd probably spend some time wondering about how bored you are reading all this stuff and wander off to eat a sammich. i love sammiches by the way, they are up there with pizza. dammit, now i'm hungry.

it's not that i've been bored lately, it's just that there doesn't seem to be much for me to do. the family have moved into the house where i live, and so they've got a whole bunch of boxes and things to go through which i'm helping with, and of course, there's the cousins to look after, but's not the most exciting of time killers. i'm not sayin' i don't enjoy it, just that it's not...exciting, fun or challenging.

i love the little cousins though. the smallest one is so intelligent for a two and a half year old. i'm talking full conversations intelligent, and she is so cute when she freaks out about the catapus. i have not managed to find out what exactly this catapus is yet, in my mind it appears to be a strange mutant cat-octopus, but that might not be it. more investigation is required.

have you figured out that i have no idea what to write about yet?

this reminds me of the time i went to get coffee with Betty on wednesday and found it difficult to think of things to say. i mean, i coulda talked about my awesome mage, but just as i was about to bring it up she mentioned how much she dislikes world of warcraft. at this point, you have two options, you can either forge ahead and talk about your mage anyway or you can try your hardest to think of something else to say. i'll leave what happened up to your imagination.

in case you were wondering, the mage is fine by the way, although slightly miffed at being called gay again. i think it might be the way he holds his staff in public that gives people the wrong idea, but thats just me.

here is a picture of a robot and an engineer like chick for you to look at: