Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kevin Sorbo appreciation day!

Yesterday Wilson, John, Lawrence, Apples and I went to everyones favorite "legit" DVD store to purchase a "Divder" (that's DVD, if i could, I'd pronounce it like). Poking about the DVD cases i found a western flick starring Kevin Sorbo. suddenly, all the memories came back, the expectation every Friday, for a new episode of The Legendary Adventures of Hercules. it was a family thing, at one point, to order pizza and watch the show. later, the show was replaced with Xena (which i found today, is actually a spin off of Hercules!) as the family pizza watchin' show, but the memories...ah the memories.

having the internet, i decided to see if i could find the opening for the show. behold! the opening for Hercules! the music actually brings a tear to my eye...excuse me...i need a sec...

i had actually forgotten that i was going to post about mr. sorbo this morning, until Wilson sent me this picture:
i remember you Kevin...i remember.

1 comment:

Wilson said...

By forgetting to post your Kevin Sorbo Appreciation Day post, you have officially failed Kevin Sorbo.

Failed him you have.