Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm the underdog....yeah yeah!

The Dirtbombs lyrics in the title field by the by, they make the sounds that make my ears happy. So yeah, even though i haven't been doing as much as i could be doing lately, i feel like i've been too busy to post anything, which is weird. also been feeling very disjointed as of late, hopefully this is all mental and not related to any sort of physical debilitation. yes, it's reached the point where i hope it's mental.

i was walking to town today, and thinking about the classes in Final Fantasy 1. this is because a certain noodle and i were talking about it. i came to the realization that i, really love that game, having finished it 3 and a half times. the last time was...time loopy. this is my reason for doing the write up on the classes. it's not extensive, but hey, it beats short posts :P

now without further ado, here are the various classes you can choose in Final Fantasy one, and their pro's and con's.

Black Mage: ahh yes, the black mage, don't listen to what other people say, those crackers don't know nothing. Black mages are squishy, since they can only wear robes and such, but are the most powerful spell casters, having the ability to totally burn their enemies with the power of dark and deadly magicks! as you can see, i like black mages. in the beginning you won't find them particularly useful, but their ability to quickly clear the screen of enemies makes levelling much much faster. after the class change, they become Black Wizards, which basically just makes them uber.

White Mage: the healbot, every party needs one. they're the ones playing whack-a-mole with your parties health, keeping them alive and casting the spells that get rid of those yucky status ailments like poison and such. for some reason, i always thought the white mage was a girl, but in the original Final Fantasy, after the class change it becomes clear that it's a man wearing those white robes. you could technically delegate healing to a Red Mage if you want, but why not leave the healing to the best?

Thief: the only reason you're choosing the thief is because of it's class change. after class change the thief, for some reason, decides to learn ninjutsu, and as we all know, ninja(s) are awesome. so in the meantime, treat the thief like a slightly squishier fighter. he can't take as much damage but when geared properly can deal the same amount of damage at a faster rate.

Red Mage: i like to think that Red Mages are people who can't decide what the hell damn they want to do. i mean, Red Mages can cast black magic spells, white magic spells, and aren't too shabby with swords. basically, they're a hybrid class. it's possible to finish the game with just a party of 4 red mages. i haven't done this because i don't like them, but if that's your sort of thing, hey, go for it. oh yeah, after class change they become...Red Wizards.

Fighter: your fighter is...a fighter. he hits things with his big weapon, and can equip all the armor in the game. not at the same time though, that would be silly. they deal lots of damage, and are a pain to kill. the only downside? they're the most expensive to equip. in fact, your fighter will be the major gil sink in your party, he's like a high maintenance girlfriend. after class change he becomes Knight and learns some low level white magic. for some reason.

Black Belt: i know...very little about this class, having never leveled one. this is because i've always found him to be out of place. i mean, he's a martial arts expert in a game with knights and wizards. admittedly, the thief becomes a ninja, but that's because ninja are awesome. the black belt just becomes a master. a master of what? i dunno...probably hitting things with his hands.
that's what he does, by the way. he hits things...with his hands.

i personally, like having a party with one fighter, one black mage, one white mage and a thief simply because he becomes a ninja after class change.

but thats just me.