Saturday, September 27, 2008

A time travelling post!

i have run out of things to write about. this doesn't mean that my life has suddenly become a black hole of quantum nothingness, just that i have no real interesting things to write about. however! i thought it would be cool to post an old journal entry of mine, written in the year of our lord 2005. i was 15 at the time, this being before my birthday.

Term 2, Week 8
Tuesday (yes, i used to write my dates like this)

today i realised that not getting enough sleep is detrimental to your health. also, in a day we will be leaving for the school field trip to nadi.

how do you feel?

do you ever think about the world behind other people. does anybody look at anything the same way? or is it all about the perception. what one person sees in a piece of art may be, no, is different to what others see. (i have no idea why i was writing like this)

the painter sees one thing, the critic sees another. a message must be really strong to get across to so many people, yet mean the same thing. so if you think about it, at the end of the day everyone lives in their own world, and rules only work if you believe in them.

take money for example, it's really just a piece of paper with numbers written on, but the is value associated to it. yet people die over it, kill over it. everyone wants to be valuable i guess.

man is a selfish creature doncha think?

yet they create such wonderful things. music, culture, civilization, poverty, mistrust, war, famine.

man truly is a creature of wonder.

today are the auditions for the form item and i'm still praying that i can get through them without mrs. singh bursting out and laughing at me. if she does laugh at me though, will it be for a different reason than the other people who end up laughing too?

according to the multiverse theory, out there is a universe in which albert, as he is now, is considered suave, handsome, fit and considered a stunning dancer.

i'm such a bastard.

why haven't i called me? given myself some tips or something? anything!

in all honesty i believe that everyone has the potential to be the best at what they do. all they need, all anyone needs is something to give them strength.

everybody needs somebody, although i dont think nobody wants everybody.

hurray! i've reached the end of my free period.

(after this, there is a small entry that reads:)

the fisherman has confessed to killing the three sisters. i am quite disgusted.

and sad.

i kinda feel really bad for the family members.

apparently the girls do not have opinions anymore, they are dead.

hopefully something interesting happens to sometime soon, so i don't have to dredge up some more journal entries :P

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sharky said...

omg...i remember that evil fisherman! seems like so long ago...and wow...interesting writing style you had then....adrian mole'ish :-P