Thursday, September 4, 2008

The dangers of a blank title field

if i were to update you about my week you'd be very bored. in fact, you'd probably spend some time wondering about how bored you are reading all this stuff and wander off to eat a sammich. i love sammiches by the way, they are up there with pizza. dammit, now i'm hungry.

it's not that i've been bored lately, it's just that there doesn't seem to be much for me to do. the family have moved into the house where i live, and so they've got a whole bunch of boxes and things to go through which i'm helping with, and of course, there's the cousins to look after, but's not the most exciting of time killers. i'm not sayin' i don't enjoy it, just that it's not...exciting, fun or challenging.

i love the little cousins though. the smallest one is so intelligent for a two and a half year old. i'm talking full conversations intelligent, and she is so cute when she freaks out about the catapus. i have not managed to find out what exactly this catapus is yet, in my mind it appears to be a strange mutant cat-octopus, but that might not be it. more investigation is required.

have you figured out that i have no idea what to write about yet?

this reminds me of the time i went to get coffee with Betty on wednesday and found it difficult to think of things to say. i mean, i coulda talked about my awesome mage, but just as i was about to bring it up she mentioned how much she dislikes world of warcraft. at this point, you have two options, you can either forge ahead and talk about your mage anyway or you can try your hardest to think of something else to say. i'll leave what happened up to your imagination.

in case you were wondering, the mage is fine by the way, although slightly miffed at being called gay again. i think it might be the way he holds his staff in public that gives people the wrong idea, but thats just me.

here is a picture of a robot and an engineer like chick for you to look at:


sharky said...

betty?!!!!!! email updates there's a way to beat sharky more than 5 lines as has been the trend with everyone else...

yes, this is a longggggg comment.

miss you.

Nongkyndong said...

yes, betty? do tell :P