Friday, May 29, 2009

We all live know...

Yeah, so i got Yellow Submarine, because thanks to Lawrence i'm on this awesome Beatles trip.

The movie was made in 1968...and the animation doesn't really hold out that well. 

But! i did enjoy it. 

Theres one part in particular, when the fab four are in this strange sea with lots of giant hollowed out heads (i am not kidding) and John starts singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, right? Suddenly the animation changes to this strange painting like style that literally blew my mind. Also, most of the dialogue is hilarious. If you close your eyes its like a strange British hippy stoner movie. 

Which in a way, i guess it is :P

Also, this morning as i was drunkenly making my way to the barbeque stand with my friends i was exclaiming a little loudly to John about the Beatles. I mentioned the quote thats in the picture above, and some guy behind me yelled out,

"thats the wrong quote, you done said it wrong."

I turned around and there was this huge drunk white man leering at me. The part of me that kicks in when self preservation is required mentioned something about how i was pretty drunk, and may or may not have gotten the quote wrong. Basically i was avoiding conflict :P

However, when i got home and googled it, i found out that i was right. 

Fuck, I'm awesome. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At least they's not space elves

Oh mah gawrsh, the background! It changed! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

(Probably) All in the Mind

Two comics today! One long plot one, and one short, kinda funny one. Well, the gay Orken makes me laugh, his expression is priceless. Also, John brought up the point that he has a short attention span, so spreading out the major plot points over three panel comics might lose some people. Hence, part 11 is really long. We get to learn about Frank, The Order of Multicolored Wizards and the Orken though. Oh, and mysterious seal man. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Across the Universe

Words are flying off like endless rain into a paper cup. You gotta love the Beatles :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Force of Nature

Fireballs to face are never fun. In fact most kinds of balls to face aren't very fun.

I'm so Tired

zomg they just got attacked by a wizard! Also i promise that this is the last rock joke. Well, for a while at least. 

Hot n' Cold

Was trying to think of a song title to go with the comic :P 

I reckon we stick with this theme aye? Katy Perry is responsible for this title, and i can also do the actions to go with the song. 

I am fucking muli-talented.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Going Nowhere

Isn't it amazing how the titles for Oasis songs make good blog post titles too? Those guys, is there nothing they can't do? 

Also look, here's a comic.

The Importance of being Idle

Yes, i've been pretty idle lately. No work, well, no paying work. Those comics aren't going to write themselves. I went to USP recently, to get an admission paper. I know for the last few months I've been going on about how i'm leaving the country and all that, but well... shit happens. 

So, as Brian (both my brother and the Monty Python film) has taught me, always look on the bright side of life. 

So i went to the USP, right, and saw all these kids sitting around and chatting or studying. And i thought to myself, this is nothing like real life. It's like a strange bubble you can step into. Also i am incredibly tired, so my writing isn't very coherant. 

Is a good flick. I dunno, i haven't been agreeing with critics much lately, since Terminator Salvation, and now this one. It didn't score very high with the critics, but i liked it. Plus! main boy is Chekhov in the new Star Trek film, and he really gets to act here. Theres one bit where...ahh feck it, if you liked Juno you'll like this film. 

Heck if you like movies in general you'll like this film. Oh, and look! it has Robert Downey Jnr in it! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tragic Childhoods

I think i've finally got the hang of drawing these guys in Flash. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it Trees?


Arjay was telling us about how recently, while digging in the garden, he came across a snake. We were dubious about his claims, seeing as how snakes are mainly found in trees, jungles and on planes.

He does have a Graphics Card

Too bad his character was drunk when he took this screenie =_= 

Also, there was no lens flare, but if Star Trek has taught me anything, it's that lens flare makes things fucking awesome. You could take a picture of like, a homeless man down on his luck with his arse hanging out of his trousers, add lens flare and bam! You've got an epic moment right there. 

Also, being Trollcist doesn't help when you want to run an instance with trolls. 

And not an Evangeline Lily in sight

She was pretty much the only reason i watched Lost :P 

In my defense lots of women probably only watch the show because of that Doctor know...main boy. The one with the perpetual stubble.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Even though my PC has no Graphics Card

I was pretty impressed with this Screenshot. Also, Seedus has been looking quite badass lately. 

Don't you know you're such a fool

To keep on acting like you do :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So i was talking to my friends

An Arjay mentioned how he never studied Helmet in school and still managed to pass. After a few moments of confusion, we all realised that he had meant Hamlet. 

Monday, May 11, 2009


Went to a coffee shop this morning while sorting out some details with my ISP. Couldn't afford anything on the menu, so i left.