Friday, May 29, 2009

We all live know...

Yeah, so i got Yellow Submarine, because thanks to Lawrence i'm on this awesome Beatles trip.

The movie was made in 1968...and the animation doesn't really hold out that well. 

But! i did enjoy it. 

Theres one part in particular, when the fab four are in this strange sea with lots of giant hollowed out heads (i am not kidding) and John starts singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, right? Suddenly the animation changes to this strange painting like style that literally blew my mind. Also, most of the dialogue is hilarious. If you close your eyes its like a strange British hippy stoner movie. 

Which in a way, i guess it is :P

Also, this morning as i was drunkenly making my way to the barbeque stand with my friends i was exclaiming a little loudly to John about the Beatles. I mentioned the quote thats in the picture above, and some guy behind me yelled out,

"thats the wrong quote, you done said it wrong."

I turned around and there was this huge drunk white man leering at me. The part of me that kicks in when self preservation is required mentioned something about how i was pretty drunk, and may or may not have gotten the quote wrong. Basically i was avoiding conflict :P

However, when i got home and googled it, i found out that i was right. 

Fuck, I'm awesome. 


Wilson said...

Too bad you can't go and prove it to drunk white guy. Besides, you should have started something. Then I'd swoop in and finish off drunk guy.

Albie said...

Alright then Wils, next time we're out i'll do my best to find the biggest drunkest beatles fan so i can misquote em and start fisticuffs for you, acha?