Friday, May 22, 2009

The Importance of being Idle

Yes, i've been pretty idle lately. No work, well, no paying work. Those comics aren't going to write themselves. I went to USP recently, to get an admission paper. I know for the last few months I've been going on about how i'm leaving the country and all that, but well... shit happens. 

So, as Brian (both my brother and the Monty Python film) has taught me, always look on the bright side of life. 

So i went to the USP, right, and saw all these kids sitting around and chatting or studying. And i thought to myself, this is nothing like real life. It's like a strange bubble you can step into. Also i am incredibly tired, so my writing isn't very coherant. 

Is a good flick. I dunno, i haven't been agreeing with critics much lately, since Terminator Salvation, and now this one. It didn't score very high with the critics, but i liked it. Plus! main boy is Chekhov in the new Star Trek film, and he really gets to act here. Theres one bit where...ahh feck it, if you liked Juno you'll like this film. 

Heck if you like movies in general you'll like this film. Oh, and look! it has Robert Downey Jnr in it! 

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L.Cass said...

Main boy is also Reese in Salvation. Plus... I'm glad ur loving the Oasis albums I gave ya....