Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funerals and Chickenheads

So my internet has been playing up for the past couple of days, but it's all better now :D

yeah, last night i was struck with this vision of a man with the head of a chicken, and was worried that if i didn't draw it i would lose the idea. Thus, Magni Chickenhead was born. He is a man, with the head of a chicken. for further clarification, check the above diagram. 

Had to go to a funeral today, so i put on my suit, went to pick up my aunt and her kids and then made my to the church. My grandad's brother passed away this monday, and at first i wasn't too concerned because i hadn't seen him in ages. Then i was there, in front of his casket in the middle of this packed church and i saw his face. He looked...peaceful, as most dead people tend to look, and then the memories came back. I can't believe that i forgot all the things he said to me when i was younger.

My uncle was...a great man, always encouraging and practical. I'm going to miss him, and of course feel really guilty for not spending more time with him. 

Of course, i could just draw more pictures of men with chicken heads.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The most important thing i've learned

I really have to update with more words :P


truly, it is a thing of wonder.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey...hey Bill?

Watched The Thing at Johns house yesterday, and surprisingly it holds up really really well. The reason for this is mainly the story, since it's all about human nature, mistrust and above all, fear. Anyone of your friends could be...the thing! 

The special effects are also still pretty good, because they used stop motion and prosthetics and things. So basically we're watching real props on-screen and nothing is faked. 

An interesting note that Lawrence made was the similarities between The Things in The Thing and the necromorphs in Dead Space, how they split apart and form seperate organisms and all that. It was a pleasure watching the daddy of dead space, so to speak, strut its stuff :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Duuude, you're from space?

Rex Dexter, for this  which was a lot of head scratching for me to do. The thing was to re-imagine the character, so i went for a saturday morning cartoon kinda look. He's from mars :D

Edit: just spent the last hour hyperventilating and trying to get my image to show up on the forum. Warren been post on my post informing me that blogspot doesn't hotlink its images onto forums. So i freaked the fuck out, mainly because it was a little embarassing to have someone write over your comment :P

Thanks to Lawrence i managed to get it up there though. My internet skills have failed me for the first time =_=

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some glass in the hand is worth about four in the bush

so i had this weird dream last night during which at one point a window got smashed. Got woken up at around 8 by my sister yelling, the car window got smashed at some point the night before. So we called the cops (who showed up like an hour later as usual) and waited. the reason why i'm posting this though is because i managed to get glass in my right pinky. right above the middle knuckle. Thing hurts like a bitch. 

That is why all housholds should have vacuum cleaners.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dun dun dun duuuuun duuuuun

Lines by Lawrence of Zen and the Art of Zombies fame. He sure does like his batman. I colored it by the way, which is why i'm posting this :P

I'm pretty proud of this one actually

When i was younger (and had more hair) i drew a lot and wrote a lot in class. The first really big project i worked on was an epic tale called the Senturia Saga. It was long, when i had finished i had worked my way through eight 100 page excercise books and cellotaped them together. It was also one of those choose-your-own adventure books, which probably accounts for the length. I started in class 8 and finished it in the beginning of form 3. Sometimes i still take it out to look at how my art improved (from really really bad, to simply being pretty bad :P) and how much the story changed. 

Anyway, the first main character in the 4-generation spanning epic was a young Church Knight named Roxanne Briggs. Roxanne, because i always like the name and because my dad wanted to name my sister that when she was born, and Briggs after a cousins surname that i liked the sound of. She was a firey, orange haired warrior who never backed down and went up against incredible odds like Demon-dragons, Insane Kings, Zodiac Beasts and eventually a remnant of the civilization that had created her world. Mind you, this was written by a twelve year old, so it wasn't very well paced or planned out. 

That's her at the top, and below is a bit i scanned from my twelve year old magnum opus.
That's king Huebert on the far left, Roxanne in the middle and Red on the far right.  That was, in fact, the first picture i drew of her. So yeah, somewhere in the eight and a half  years since she lost the pants and grew some boobs :P 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

L337 croc riding skills +1

was going through my screenshots folder coz my account is down. This one i found particularly entertaining :D

I actually forgot to put a title in here >_<

So i've been a little lazy when it comes to drawing things lately, so i thought i'd do some simple design work stuff. Basically i just doodled half of the design out and then cheaped out and flipped and copied it for the other side. But symmetry is cool! and lazy...but cool! 

I've also been wanting to do more comics and stuff lately, i've got a few ideas swimming around up there in the old noggin, and after i buy i new eraser today i'll sit down and draw something that will blow your fricking mind! Seriously though, if your mind has already been blown today, don't look at it. There's only a certain amount of times that someones mind can be blown in a day. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Party time! Excellent!

so, i had another farewell party. there was one a month or two back, when i decided to tell everyone i was going, and my aunt was all, "you have to come as soon as possible!" so all my friends freaked out and organised this huge party thing. it was quite spectacular, but obviously nothing for ms. organize-it ronna. It was huge i tell you, i didn't know half the gang there, but that was because it was kind of a combo party thing. She seems to like organizing those. 

Yesterday was smaller than the last farewell party, but i kinda liked it better. just a whole bunch of close friends getting together to wish Lawrence a happeh birfadeh and say bye to me. we sang the songs, were hypnotised by Wilsons winamp visualiser thing, and stuffed ourselves with food and birthday cake. Cake is good :) 

when the party was over, Arjay showed up with his company rental and dropped a whole bunch of us off at home. Now John lives out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, Lami. So of course, i had to go with Arjay all the way to Lami and back to keep him company. This is because its boring driving back by yourself, and i assume its harder to jack some foo's car when there are two people in it. 

On the way back into Suva, we get stopped by the cops. It was just a random licence stop though, so we got through pretty quick and were soon cruising off to town. Now, what do two people who have just been stopped by the cops decide to do? We go to Traps of course. 

So yeah, i've got a couple of days left in Fiji. I was sitting on the verandah this morning thinking about how long i've been here, and how i can't really picture myself anywhere else in the future. Heck, i was born here, despite the fact that i have a maroon instead of blue passport Fiji is in my blood. Who knows if this will change, or what the  heck will happen in the next few years, but right now, i really love this country. The people i've met, the things i've seen have all made me who i am. And i'm not that bad a person for it :P 

And speaking of Ms. Organize-it Ronna, she's also helping the Griff with his ventures of getting the heck outta dodge, and asked me to do a sketch of the Griffster. I look forward to seeing what she does with it. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poison? I only drink poison!

so i have just recovered from a long weekend of much merry making and alcohol. Needless to say, there were good times. except on thursday. now, the drunkest i have ever been was that one time i drank some tequila and passed out outside my house, within crawling distance of the door. i remember thinking, i can make it, it's just a few more feet. let me get some rest first though, just to get my strength back. and then i fell asleep. 

on thursday though, i was so far gone i thought i could see the future. honestly, thats how messed up my time perception was. then at the end of it all i reached home on sunday at 7 in the morning. all this is necessary though. in my opinion you're only allowed to get regularly messed up if either someone has died or you're leaving your friends for a new country. 

the latter is a better reason. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We need more ska-punk bands on the teevee

So i was watching The Groove Thang on the telly-box, mainly because they were playing old oooold songs. The video clip for Bus Stops Kung Fu-Fighting was particularly awesome. But then they played some Save Ferris! On Fiji One! Whoever was picking the songs tonight was either stoned or completely out of their mind. I mean, Come on Eileen :) 

The bear-hat thing on one of the guitarists was particularly cool. God bless the 80's, 90's? (just checked the wiki-wiki-pedia, 90's :D )

Anyway, i'm going to be very lazy this year and just make up resolutions as i go along. For example, if i need to get a particularly difficult job done, i will say "one of my new year's resolutions is to finish this particularly difficult job." and then i will do it, it makes sense to me. 

anyways, this is a lazy post by someone who is feeling particularly lazy this 2009.