Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm pretty proud of this one actually

When i was younger (and had more hair) i drew a lot and wrote a lot in class. The first really big project i worked on was an epic tale called the Senturia Saga. It was long, when i had finished i had worked my way through eight 100 page excercise books and cellotaped them together. It was also one of those choose-your-own adventure books, which probably accounts for the length. I started in class 8 and finished it in the beginning of form 3. Sometimes i still take it out to look at how my art improved (from really really bad, to simply being pretty bad :P) and how much the story changed. 

Anyway, the first main character in the 4-generation spanning epic was a young Church Knight named Roxanne Briggs. Roxanne, because i always like the name and because my dad wanted to name my sister that when she was born, and Briggs after a cousins surname that i liked the sound of. She was a firey, orange haired warrior who never backed down and went up against incredible odds like Demon-dragons, Insane Kings, Zodiac Beasts and eventually a remnant of the civilization that had created her world. Mind you, this was written by a twelve year old, so it wasn't very well paced or planned out. 

That's her at the top, and below is a bit i scanned from my twelve year old magnum opus.
That's king Huebert on the far left, Roxanne in the middle and Red on the far right.  That was, in fact, the first picture i drew of her. So yeah, somewhere in the eight and a half  years since she lost the pants and grew some boobs :P 

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