Saturday, January 3, 2009

We need more ska-punk bands on the teevee

So i was watching The Groove Thang on the telly-box, mainly because they were playing old oooold songs. The video clip for Bus Stops Kung Fu-Fighting was particularly awesome. But then they played some Save Ferris! On Fiji One! Whoever was picking the songs tonight was either stoned or completely out of their mind. I mean, Come on Eileen :) 

The bear-hat thing on one of the guitarists was particularly cool. God bless the 80's, 90's? (just checked the wiki-wiki-pedia, 90's :D )

Anyway, i'm going to be very lazy this year and just make up resolutions as i go along. For example, if i need to get a particularly difficult job done, i will say "one of my new year's resolutions is to finish this particularly difficult job." and then i will do it, it makes sense to me. 

anyways, this is a lazy post by someone who is feeling particularly lazy this 2009. 


L.Cass said...

Oasis is bigger than Save Ferris

Wilson said...

Lazy bum.