Sunday, December 28, 2008

Insomnia makes you not sleep? Who woulda thunk it

For some reason i couldn't sleep last night. I guess my head was just full of stuff. Stuff i want to do, things i'd like to get done. I tried to make a coherant list, but despite the fact that i couldn't sleep i was sleepy. Weird eh? 

Of course, the phone call at half past two in the morning made it all worth it :) 

One of the things in my head was about art, and drawing. The other was that i blog a lot about WoW and maybe i should make something out of that. Another was that picture at the top of the post. I mean, lots of people carry around bananas and guns in their pockets. Women shouldn't just assume. Especially if your friend is a monkey or an officer of the law. 

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