Thursday, December 18, 2008

You sa deserve to be punished sara ga

Spent the day with the little brother today, he is quite articulate now. Also, tall. For an eight year old. Mucking around town with him, i was kind of reminded of a younger me. We talked about vidjagames, cartoons, all sorts of stuff. And girls of course. He's at that age where girls are still icky though, i remember that too. 

I went and dropped him home in the arvo, and then took a stroll around the old neighbourhood. I had some good times up there, like the time i got in trouble for tagging that wall with a mate of mine, the first time that the same mate showed me the dog at number twenty five. Now this dog, barks like mad whenever you go past. And not the typical bark too, but this crazy, slobbering, i'm-going-to-rip-your-throat out bark that never seems to disturb you. It also always seems to wait until you are halfway past the gate, and then jump out and start it's thing. 

Anyway, we were walking past one day, the dog jumps out, makes us jump and my friend stops. Turning to me he asks "you want to see something funny?"

He turns to the dog, and makes a little spinning motion with his hand, and the dog stops barking, and runs around in a little circle. I swear to xenu, it was the funniest thing i had ever seem. Since then, everytime i would walk past number 25, i'd stop and wait for the dog to jump out, so i could make the motion and watch that dog spin around. The dog wasn't there today though, but i laughed anyway when the memories hit me. 

The reason that the punisher is up there is because John, Arjay (or Arc as he likes to called lately) and I went to see Punisher:Warzone. It was much better than i expected it to be. From the trailer, i was expected a mopey film, with a little bit of strange chandelier spinning action in it. Admittedly, the film had both those things, but it also had some brutal action, and a couple of cheesy one liners. If you're not doing anything, give it a shot. Hehe, i made a pun there, coz The Punisher shoots a lotta people you see? 

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