Saturday, December 13, 2008

What is that? is that the color of magic?

So Lawrence took us to a DVDer shop yesterday, and Eagle-eye John spotted it. It was just lying there, a DVD with a note attached to it. The note read "story like harry potter, 2 discs". I was a bit skeptical, having not heard that they were making a live action adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Color of Magic (the first book in the Discworld series, which i absoloutely love) and was actually slightly worried that it might be porn. I mean i dunno, when it comes to picking DVD's i usually manage to pick really bad B-movies, a skill i have inherited from my father. 

I bought it anyway, took it home and put the first disc on. For the next hour and a half, my face was like this: 


Basically they made a made-for-tv movie based on the first two books in the series, The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic. The story sticks very close to the plot of the books, so much so that i found myself quoting certain bits as the movie played. I have read those books many many times, and watching the actors go about their business was awesome. 

Complaints i have? well...none really, they omitted a couple of bits that might have been a bit tough to do the graphics for, such as the Temple of Bel-Shamaroth bit (and even then, they mention the temple like 3 times) and Rincewind the Inept Wizard is a little older than i pictured him in my mind. Okay, a lot older. This is mainly because i picture Paul Kidby's illustrations from The Last Hero when i picture him mentally, where he's a kind of skinny dude with a wispy beard in his late thirties, like the picture below:

Whereas in the Movie, he's played by David Jason, who looks like this:

I got used to it though, and Mr. Jason makes a pretty good Rincewind. I was also surprised at the amount of actors that were recognisable in it, like Sean "Samwise Gamgee" Astin as the Discworlds first tourist Twoflower, Jeremy Irons as Lord Vetinari (in a pretty small role admittedly) and Christopher Lee as the voice of Death. 

After watching it, i want to get my hands on the latest Pratchett novel that i haven't got yet. Also, i hope that they make a movie out of at least one of the Sam Vimes novels. Guard's Guard's! would be a great show. Or Thud! or Night Watch or the Fifth Elephant...okay basically any Sam Vimes novel would be good. 

Illustration from who does most of the cover illustrations for the novels, check his work out, tis awesome 

Also, the story if you wondering, is nothing like Harry Potter. 


DanielleW said...
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L.Cass said...

See... don't I take you to the coolest spots?

That place is a video gem... they bring in everything and anything.

*posted on Dani's account by mistake earlier :P

Albie said...

indeed mr.Cass they do, i plan to accompany you on further forays into the wonderful world that is that dvder place :D

Bellerophontes said...


*scampers off to scour netz for a live torrent*

Roobydoo said...

where exactly is this 'dvder' place if you dont mind me asking?

Siannie said...
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Albie said...

i somehow managed to comment using my sisters account =_=

anyway, its a place called DVD's and Things up in Flagstaff. Personally, i think it should be called DVDers and things, but thats just me.

Roobydoo said...

ah yeah i think they have (had?) a branch up in toorak. thanks for the reply ^_^