Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures are like stories without having to talk to people

I do not often leave this great metropolis that is known as Suva. But when i do, i sure as hell make sure that there is photographic evidence! Here's a couple of the Pre-Christmas holiday that i went on...kind of randomly. 

That's me trying to harness the power of the Hard Rock Cafe for Awesomeness. It worked, as you can tell. 

Thats the sister and I at this really Remarkable Sweet Shop. It was actually quite remarkable at how remarkable this store was. I may in fact, make a remark about it. 

I like to point out things. For example, the fact that we are at The Fijian. 

Or those strange plant men hiding in the bushes.

And the Kraken. I took care of that though, with some Kraken-punchin'. I really love my awesome hat by the way. It keepses the head warm, a very important thing if you're planning to move to a cold locale. 

Finally, i made this really unprofessional looking collage of some of the landscape pictures i took. As you can see, i have absoloutely no experience in the realm of photography :P

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