Monday, December 15, 2008

Northrend Bound

I have been having fun in Northrend. Despite the fact that the natives tend to be terribly hostile, and the cold. Seedus bought some thermal frostweave underwear yesterday though, so he has no need worry about the future generations of Little Seedus's being cold. Speaking of future generations, baby murlocs are too cute :D

Seedy had to rescue a few of the little tadpoles this morning, and after he did he made level 72. yay! Also, i had no idea that baby murlocs were called tadpoles, so you learn something new about fictional species of aquatic humanoids everday. I also really like Dalaran. It's a city of mages, and i spent a lot of time just walking around and talking to people. I also bought a bear, i think i will call him Barry. 

That's not Barry by the way, that's Berginald. Barry is much much bigger.