Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho ho ho, and all that

So it's christmas time again. You eat too much, and you drink a little bit too much, stay out until 2 in the morning on Christmas eve and then show up for church at 9. Good times. I personally love the holiday season, except for the commercial bits, but you have to take the good with the annoying i suppose. This is the first year in a long while where i'm not in the advertising business during Christmas, and i tell you what, some of my cynicism has been worn away. 

Also, presents are nice. 
To escape the heat today, my mum, sister and i went to see Valkyrie. I honestly wasn't very interested in it, but it was the only thing that was on at the right time. It's basically a historical thriller, and some of it is very very slow. And i mean sloooow, i can't say much without spoiling the plot, but bear with it. It was also interesting to see the German Resistance to the Nazi movement, as opposed to the American and British perspectives that we see a lot in world war 2 movies ( and admittedly, videogames). 

Tom Cruise was alright in it, he seemed very American though, which i thought detracted a bit from the film. Half the cast is also British, and their German accents were sometimes pretty laughable. But all in all, i was a little choked up at the end. After all, the film is based on the true story of the German resistance and all that. Real people gave their lives to fight evil, and paid the ultimate price for it. 

I also really don't like Nazis. I'm part Gypsy, and yeah, the Nazis didn't like them much. All in all, if i were to rate Valkyrie, i'd give it 3 slices out of 5. Which is a lot of slices of cake to eat. 

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