Sunday, December 7, 2008

Click! Click!

So, long weekend after a week of being sick? check. Was definately a weekend to remember though, and it went pretty much according to schedule. Go out with the mates? yep. Get stopped trying to get into O's? yep. Some form of drama? yep. Watch a good flick at John's place? Gotcher. 

Things be good mon, things be good. 

Haven't done a whole bunch of drawing this week, the ol' art supplies have run low again. So as soon as John pays me back the failmoney that i gave him for Wrath i will have to make wonderful purchases of erasers, inking pens, markers and freaky fresh paper. I love that fresh paper smell, when you rip open the packaging and see all that lovely blank paper. 

I ran into a couple of old friends from school this weekend. And i'm not talking like, high school old, i'm talking primary school old. It was...interesting. The first thing i did when i saw him was sneak up behind and yell, "oy! fuck you!" in his ear. He remembered me after that. 

I would tell you about Drive Thru, but i'm sure Lawrence will tell you all about it, i give it two bob-ombs outta four though, so if you're looking for a slasher flick that will give you a laugh, give it a go. Also, i have learned that if you want to grab my attention with a movie, waiting for wiggas to get chopped up by a killer clown is a sure fire way. 

Imma go and play some more final fantasy tactics now, i'm stuck at the same place i was years ago when i was a twelve year old trying to wrap my mind around this grid based game. It seems i still haven't changed much from that kid. It's cool though, he's a pretty neat fellah. 

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Nongkyndong said...

two eyebrows. Barely recognised you :P