Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where a man can still be free...or a woman if you are one

'ello. So i've got a phone again thanks to John. He verily hath saved my buttocks, and he even made me go to Vodafone yesterday to get my sim card replaced. I think he just didn't want to go home :P

anyway, while waiting for John to show up and pick me up from my mum's office i drew things. Most of em weren't my idea, my sisters friend asked me to to draw her (my sister, not her friend) so i did, and gave her a sword. Then i drew myself...and gave me a biiig honking sword. Then John...and Lawrence, and before i knew it i had a whole bunch of characters :) 

So while lying in couch last night i tried to come up character classes and special attacks and stuff, for my friends and i. So, from left to right we have: 

Wilson (Totem-slinger): wields two axes (because Islanders have bonus to axes, it's a racial ability)  and has the ability to plant totems that boost the partys abilities. Can also heal people, so thats what we get him to do. 
Limit Break: Freak out! Wilson brings out a radio with awesome techno tunes that boost the partys attack power and damages all enemies that are not immune to music attacks (like old people, and nuns) 

John Michaels (Threat Manager): For some reason, John has the highest HP of eeeveryone in the party. We don't know what it is, just something about him. For that reason, we put him in front of whatever it is we are fighting, and get him to soak up the damage. Has abilities to get an enemies attention when he loses it like Threatening Email, and Bork!
Limit Break:  Shining Beacon. John begins to glow with the power of a thousand watt lightbulb, increasing the amount that he gets from healing, and all the bad guys tend to look at him more. And also has a chance to blind them with its awesomeness. 

Albie (Semi-employed Swordsman): wields a huge ass blade that doesn't look very sharp, but still could damage you plenty if he hit you with it. Also has the ability to affect the ebb and flow of time, speeding up allies and slowing down enemies. ( the techniques for that are annoying rib poke and  short story reading respectively) 
Limit Break: Overcompensation. Hits you with his huge sword several times, each blow doing slightly more damage than the previous one. Has the potential to finish fights quickly. 

Noodle (Ranter): Combination healer and damage dealer (like a paladin! but not like paladin...because they annoying) with a hammer that can heal or hurt depending on the situation. How does that work you ask? basically, if she hits a friend it heals them, if she hits an enemy they get hurt. Also has access to hammer space. 
Limit Break: Lkjhgfdsa. Unleashes a Rant of epic proportions, shattering the enemy's morale until they are naught but gibbering fools. Unless she's already fighting gibbering fools, then they are immune. 

Siannie (Mini-feminist): Has various status effects depending on the gender of the ally or enemy. For example, there is the Feminist Propaganda spell, that will either increase a males attack power, or boost a females magical power. What? you thought it would have debilitating effects on males? tsk tsk
Limit Break: Tutti-Frutti: Deals [Ice-cream] damage to the enemy. No one said all limit breaks have to be cool. Don't worry though, it has an awesome animation.

Lawrence Cass (Zombeh Summoner): Caster class with minions (sound familiar?) and spells that cause plenty of damage over time (yes...really familiar). Lawrence, as his class suggests, summons zombies to take damage instead of him in the form of meatshield or to simply harass the enemy. 
Limit Break: Zombeh Hordezors: Summons a horde of zombies that wipe through the enemy, destroying all in their path. At the end of it, a dimensional portal is summoned to send them all back to the netherworld...has a small chance for the dimensional portal to fail...

That was fun :P

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Anonymous said...

Yesh pallys are annoying :D

I have played all classes to at least 30 something, but not pallys oO

I bought my subs and expansion and all but decided to stop playing wow for a while. Its been a month.

Have fun with the expansion.