Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I need to bring some of my music to the office

Caught myself listening to Secondhand Serenade. When I realized this, I immediately tore the headphones out of my ears.

They better be Chicken Flavored

Me and John went to Blackrock Depths and totally keeled the Emperor. He's the guy with the glowy swords, I'm the Blood Elf chick >_>

I don't mind playing a female character, to be honest. At the end of the day, for me, the traits that I associate with a character will keep me interested in playing them rather than whether or not they're male or female. For example, Seida the Death Knight used to be Seida the Hunter. When I got Wrath I wanted to make a Death Knight, and really liked the name Seida. Also, I thought it would be cool to have a backstory set already, and Seida was a hunter who fell to the Scourge and rose again to serve the Lich King.

I would write more about my life at the moment, but it's kinda depressing at the moment, so I'll wait until I can think of something interesting and not self-whiney. Acha?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Travels to the North

Just got back from Ra. That's right, Ra. Do you know where Ra is? I had a vague idea, I mean I think my family drove through it once. Our car broke down, it was very exciting being in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, at the last Rotaract meeting I attended, they passed around a sheet of paper for volunteers to go on a sort of fact finding mission to a village called Navuniivi.

Basically, they're trying to set up a preschool there, and before we can get approval for funds and such the site had to be checked out, to see what the school needed in terms of supplies and such. So at 7 o'clock I was at Dolphins waiting to rendezvous with the 'tractors (they don't call themselves that, but they totally should). No one was around, so I had a quiet smoke, the city is very very quiet on Saturday mornings. There was just me and a couple of women throwing water on the wooden slats they use to close up Dolphins. At around twenty past, 'tractor prez Jacinta appeared from around the corner and asked me how long I'd been standing there. She was waiting at the coffee shop around the corner.

A lot of people who were supposed to come had kinda pulled out, but there were seven of us altogether who set off up the Kings Road at around 8ish. In three vehicles, two of them company cars, with branding and everything. We stopped in Korovou for breakfast. Korovou is...well I dunno, I don't think you can call it a town, it's kind of a road with some shops on either side and a small market. After that, it was off down the King's Road toward Ra.

'Tractor Prez Jacinta was under the impression that the road up to Ra was "sealed". After seeing her definition of the word sealed, I would hate to see what unsealed looked like. We all had a good laugh though, as we bounced along in the little Toyota Corrola. My posterior is very rattled, I'll say that much.

And then we were there. After calling her contact at the village, we turned off the "highway" and made our way down to a little landing on the water, there was a pig, a couple of dinghies and a some kids laughing and playing in the water on a hot sunny Saturday. The sea was also a beautiful tropical blue. All in all, it was very pleasant, calming even. It got better.

Old Fijian Man: You called Louisa?

Jacinta: Um, I don't know anyone named Louisa in Navuniivi, just Natalie.

Old Fijian Man: Oh, I'm sure she told Louisa you were coming, the boat takes about ten minutes to get here. Unless it sinks.

The boat arrived and all seven of us hopped in, I of course, managed to get the seat that would ensure maximum moisture. It seemed that every wave we met, even when the pilot slowed down, leaped over the side of the boat and slapped me right in the face. The bay though, the parts that I saw in between wiping my glasses, was gorgeous, with grassy hills and cliffs and couple of small sandy beaches.

Nestled between the hills and half hidden by the treeline was Navuiniivi.

We reached the village (the boat didn't manage to sink) where a young American woman was waiting for us on the shore. She turned out to both Louisa and Natalie, a situation that arose from her wanting to have a Fijian name as all the other Peace Corps volunteers were getting one. After she was told that there wasn't really a translation for the name Natalie, she asked if there was one for Louise, which is her middle name. Immediately, she was christened Louisa, which she likes because she gets to be called Lou by the villagers.

The sevusevu ceremony was great, the first one that I've ever been to, and is basically an offering to the village mayor to thank him for letting you into his village. We gave him some yaqona, which I had named Ken Kava. Ken sat next to me all the way down from Korovou, and I was a bit sad to see him go, but I'm sure he won't mind being put good use.

After introducing ourselves to the elders and having some grog (which was really good grog, which was nice) we had a look at where the preschool was going to be. They had a little room set aside underneath the village hall, with a blackboard, a little cabinet for art supplies and a table for the teacher. There were around fifteen to twenty children in the area who would be attending, and it's a really small room, but really full of heart, you know? Yesterday I was wondering if I could make a contribution to the project in some way, and I think something might be going through, I'll let ya know how that goes. After seeing the place though, I must admit. Small, warm, fuzzy feeling. Just a little one.

We had lunch in the village hall, the fish was delicious, and I got to know my fellow visitors a bit more. Also, this post is getting really long. I'm going to sum up now, I promise.

After lunch, we had a quick tour of the village, Louisa showed us the bure that the villagers built for her. It was funny, because there were all these houses made of concrete, wood and a few iron ones and hers was an honest to goodness traditional bure. It looked out of place, but was very very charming.

Then it was time to leave, I took my sneakers off and got ready to wade out back to the boat when Louisa said,

Louisa: Ya know, I've never seen shoes like that out here in the village.

Me: What, sneakers?

Louisa: No, chucks.

They still didn't save me from getting blisters. And I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So they found a snake in China that had a leg growing out of it. After seeing the picture, this was the first thing that came to mind >_<

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts on other peoples conversations

While walking from the bus stop to meet my friends for coffee, I passed a couple of guys going in the opposite direction. As I passed, one of them exclaimed "Up his bum!"

For quite a while after that I wondered what exactly the conversation leading up to that point could have been about.

For example,

"Where did you find your watch again?"
"Up his bum!"

Anyone have any ideas of what they were talking about?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corpses go Splorch

Nobody ever runs away from the corpse explosion. It's weird, but first let me explain. I recently got my Warcraft account up and running (Thaurissan represent if you're interested) because all my friends who play Warcraft are creating new characters to experience the old content before it's changed for the next expansion. Apparently, there will be Cataclysmic events.

So there I was, in the brand spanking new dungeon feeling awesomely mage-like. The last boss in this new dungeon has a mechanic where he will summon a whole bunch of ghouls to basically cause general chaos amongst your party. When you've done enough damage to him, he blows them all up. Now, the first time it happens, you'll be forgiven for not running away, but from then on, no forgiveness for you.

I think I may be harsh because I am a Mage. As soon as I can see that these Ghouls are going to go "Splorch" I just blink away. Or if said Blink is on cooldown I Ice Block. Failing that, you know what I do? I run away.

And because I've gone a whole post without a joke in any way related to the male member:

My dick is so big, it was overthrown by a military coup. It's now known as the Democratic Republic of My Dick.

If you require more penis jokes, please click this link.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Snake High

I just realised that this is the second dick joke in 2 posts. I apologize if my humor has been snake high, belly low lately.

Been playing a bit of Bookworm Adventures lately (as you can probably tell) it's good fun! I tend to spend most of the time looking for words like vagina and erect in the word scramble though.

Edit: Just realised that the word vagina is actually in the word scramble that is pictured above. Coincidence?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Compensating, me?

Sometimes I have the same problem as Field. You should the see the pencils I have to use to draw. They're huge.

If I have to listen to Through the Trees one more time...

So John and I went to go and watch Megan Fox's... I mean Jennifer's Body last night. Very romantic, I know.

Anyway, here is a poster for the movie that I found using my Internet detective skills.

What did I think of the movie you ask? I think it was pretty good to be honest. At times I kept forgetting that it was a horror movie, and not just in the beginning, like you're supposed to in horror flicks.

And the writing! Oh, the writing is pop culture lingo laced with acid. I mean, it's not enough for the characters to call each other gay. Nope, they have to say "lesbigay".

If you've seen Juno you could probably tell that Diablo Cody wrote them both.

Oh, and Adam Brody plays the most evillest lead singer of an indie band ever. That's also what I found interesting, the "bad guys" were evil band members, which made me hate that damn song "Through the Trees" just that much more.

Also, I don't think this movie hinges on the fact that Ms. Fox is in it. As John pointed out, if you were to replace her with another attractive young woman, the movie still would have been alright. Ms. Fox happens to the Hollywood Hottie of the now, if the movie were released in like, 2015 we'd have someone else as Jennifer.

But! I must say that the role seemed to be written for her, she plays the evil best friend a little too well. And she acted! It wasn't just running across the sand in slow motion for her this time, oh no.

Although is playing yourself really acting? Not that I pretend to know Ms. Fox (she has to stop calling me at home, it's just getting embarrassing now), but either she's very very very talented or the role wasn't much of a stretch. If ya know what I mean.

Also, I think I've written too many words about this film, so now for a moment of fail on Village Six's part. Have you heard of Run Fatboy Run? Well, it's a 2007 film starring Thandie Newton and Simon Pegg and was directed by David Schwimmer. Yes, Ross directed a movie.

Yes, that's a pretty bad photo of the poster, but the more important part is this one.

That's right, it starts today. Quantum paradox? Or are we just running out of flicks to show?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kaff kaff, I think I have the black lung...

So, I've been pretty sick lately. I blame this accursed weather, personally. And the fact that I was sent out into the pouring rain to obtain Oreos by the women of my household. They outnumber me, feel my pain.

Recently, I obtained a box of books from friend Griffins house. They had been sitting there for about a year, and most of them were mine. Also, a few of them aren't, which means bonus reading material! This also came in handy while I was (am) sick. I managed to finish The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry and The Swords Trilogy by Michael Moorcock.

Firstly, the book by Mr Fry is interesting. It concerns an aging poet and his investigations into mysterious miracles that seem to be occuring at a country house in Norfolk. I learned a few new swearwords from it >_<

Secondly, the book by Mr Moorcock took me a little while to decide upon. I have a soft spot for fantasy, but traditional High Fantasy can get a little tedious at times. The cover kind of sold it for me though.

The slack thing is that the cover has absolutely nothing to do with the books. Seriously, the main character is an elf-like creature called Corum Jhaelen Isrei and is about him being the last of his kind and seeking revenge on the man who slew his people. Along the way it gets seriously weird, with him losing an arm and an eye and then getting new ones (that were taken from ancient Old Gods) grafted onto him, so that he might battle the Gods of Chaos. Where was I? Oh yes, the cover has nothing to do with the books. I actually skimmed through it again, to find out if there was something I missed, or if there was a part where some almost naked lady was taken by Conans helmeted cousin. Also, I have been attending...wait for it...Rotaract meetings. I know right? Me? Community service? I haven't made a firm decision on whether or not to keep going to them yet though. Apparently I'm supposed to get this warm fuzzy feeling. The people are interesting though, and I'm always up for a bit of socialising.

A reason why I have been slightly hesitant is because I catch myself making bad jokes. Most of the time I manage to keep these to myself. For example, when we went to visit the old peoples home week before last, I played a game in my head where I was an old people inspector.

"Yes, this person is definitely old. I can tell from the wrinkles, and from seeing many old people before this."

More on this as it develops.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Zug zug

Went to go and see Year One last night. It was a bit difficult to get around to it because there was one screening at 5:20PM and the next one after that was at 9:20PM. WTF Village 6?

Anyway, the movie was good! Better than I was led to believe by reviews. I mean, it wasn't District 9 or anything, but it was funny. The only slack part is it's not particularly well thought out. There are funny jokes, (the foreskin one comes to mind for some reason) but as a whole the movie feels a bit strung out sometimes.

Also Michael Cera has been typecast. Looking forward to Youth in Revolt to see if he can break out of it ^_^

And I really like buddy movies. Every time I watch one, particularly ones that are crap, I get this strange urge to write more Nameless and Aimless. Weird, yes. I know.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just let it be

So I've completed my goal of doing 10 of these comics to help me pitch them to someone. I'll post the last 3 in the next couple of days, in case you were counting :P

Now I'm off to make a list of people to send these to. Any ideas?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby, you can drive my car.

You know, when I'm feeling down, Queen and The Beatles are pretty good therapy :)

I also had good fun drawing Melvin, because well, he's a minotaur in a school uniform. Also, researching images of harpies was pretty scary. Apparently they are relating in some myths to Sirens, those creatures that lure sailors to their deaths with the beauty of their singing. If that's so, then we all know who got the good singing genes in that family.

Also, in terms of sound, it might help if you run your fingernails down a blackboard while reading the dialogue for Ms. Harpy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Theres a mutated strain in our DNA helix.

And you three are the ones who can heal it.

I have a couple of links to share with you. Because I am kind like that. But first, here is a comic what I been make.
I've been wasting a lot of time over at TV tropes. It's kinda like Wikipedia. Except it shows the connection between different idioms that are found in television and movies. It bills itself as a depository of fiction writing concepts. It has articles like, The Five Man Band and such. Is also pretty funny. In my opinion, its more educational than Encyclopedia Dramatica >_< Also, I found this picture there.

And I'm incredibly sleepy this morning because I spent most of last night watching the Legend of Neil. It's a parody webseries based on the Legend of Zelda. The basic plot is that Neil somehow ends up in the game after getting copiously drunk and masturbating to the fairy in the game while strangling himself with the Nintendo controller. This is basically the type of humor you will find in the series.

Oh, and did I mention that it's written, directed and created by Sandeep Parikh from The Guild? (His title on the website is "Title Whore"). Yeah, and Felicia Day plays a nymphomaniac fairy. That alone is worth about 2000 awesome points.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yes, I have a plot in mind.

Or at least a vague storyline. You know, high school was lots of fun. I miss the little things about, how you were a bunch of different people all kinda in the same thing together. At the end of the day, everyone kinda watched out for each other, even if normally you'd never talk that person. Also I am babbling because, as the Nac Mac Feegle might say, I'm a little "pished".

Anyway, here's another Kids These Days comic.
Also, this is the first comic with David and Ms. Ram in it. Ms. Ram is based on one of the coolest teachers I had in high school. She gave me lots of good advice that I failed to take on many occasions. And David is...well, he's David. The weird thing is, I don't particularly like him, as a character. He's a smart arse, he's popular, and he's...well he's fit. But I have a feeling that I can develop him well.

We'll see how it goes ^_^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ghost Cat

Random thought I had at lunch today.