Thursday, September 17, 2009

If I have to listen to Through the Trees one more time...

So John and I went to go and watch Megan Fox's... I mean Jennifer's Body last night. Very romantic, I know.

Anyway, here is a poster for the movie that I found using my Internet detective skills.

What did I think of the movie you ask? I think it was pretty good to be honest. At times I kept forgetting that it was a horror movie, and not just in the beginning, like you're supposed to in horror flicks.

And the writing! Oh, the writing is pop culture lingo laced with acid. I mean, it's not enough for the characters to call each other gay. Nope, they have to say "lesbigay".

If you've seen Juno you could probably tell that Diablo Cody wrote them both.

Oh, and Adam Brody plays the most evillest lead singer of an indie band ever. That's also what I found interesting, the "bad guys" were evil band members, which made me hate that damn song "Through the Trees" just that much more.

Also, I don't think this movie hinges on the fact that Ms. Fox is in it. As John pointed out, if you were to replace her with another attractive young woman, the movie still would have been alright. Ms. Fox happens to the Hollywood Hottie of the now, if the movie were released in like, 2015 we'd have someone else as Jennifer.

But! I must say that the role seemed to be written for her, she plays the evil best friend a little too well. And she acted! It wasn't just running across the sand in slow motion for her this time, oh no.

Although is playing yourself really acting? Not that I pretend to know Ms. Fox (she has to stop calling me at home, it's just getting embarrassing now), but either she's very very very talented or the role wasn't much of a stretch. If ya know what I mean.

Also, I think I've written too many words about this film, so now for a moment of fail on Village Six's part. Have you heard of Run Fatboy Run? Well, it's a 2007 film starring Thandie Newton and Simon Pegg and was directed by David Schwimmer. Yes, Ross directed a movie.

Yes, that's a pretty bad photo of the poster, but the more important part is this one.

That's right, it starts today. Quantum paradox? Or are we just running out of flicks to show?

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