Monday, September 7, 2009

Zug zug

Went to go and see Year One last night. It was a bit difficult to get around to it because there was one screening at 5:20PM and the next one after that was at 9:20PM. WTF Village 6?

Anyway, the movie was good! Better than I was led to believe by reviews. I mean, it wasn't District 9 or anything, but it was funny. The only slack part is it's not particularly well thought out. There are funny jokes, (the foreskin one comes to mind for some reason) but as a whole the movie feels a bit strung out sometimes.

Also Michael Cera has been typecast. Looking forward to Youth in Revolt to see if he can break out of it ^_^

And I really like buddy movies. Every time I watch one, particularly ones that are crap, I get this strange urge to write more Nameless and Aimless. Weird, yes. I know.

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