Saturday, June 21, 2008

Its not about size!

although maybe not as gewd as cake. i have a good feeling about this week.

this is another short post.

Of Wolves and Kings

just an illustrated version of the plan the girlfriend and i decided on a few weeks back. you gotta be prepared!

so, Suva is having a music festival, which is quite awesome. i say this mainly because i got to sing a little bit in said festival. Friends Griff, Wilson and Lawrence sorta kinda let me sing a couple of songs with em at a gig at Esquires. It was lotsa fun ^_^. The band is called The Three Kings, (yes, like the movie) and's awesome :P

it's kinda addictive, singing is. once you get over the nervousness, also, people have said that i don't sing half bad, so it's not too bad at all. all i did though, is belt out "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz (who is alright, i'm not a huuuge fan, but the ladies seem to love him. well, Ronron, Sharky and the sister do anyway =_=) and sing backup on a couple of songs. but! it's a start :)

i am a happy chappy :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Service Industry with a Smile

i have been considering entering the service industry. i need a job...and yeah...that's one way to go. also! i have been werking on a new project. it is a secret project...kinda...i haven't really shown anyone what it is...i'm worried its going to flop :P

this is a short entry ^_^

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flamingos of Darkness - Part Two

it's funny how things happen really quickly sometimes, without any warning whatsoever. it's also funny how really fun things and really suck things can happy at the same time...or within two minutes of each other. The weekend...was great, and also suck. weird aye?

the suckness, most of it was down to me. i got my hopes up really really high, and had them dashed. which sucks, but there are positive sides to what happened as well. i mean, so what if the girlfriend isn't coming back to fiji? i wasn't going to be here at the end of the year anyway ( heres hoping, to all major deities! someone help me out up there!) and it doesn't make me love her any less. i just need a little time to get over the disappointment i think. also, Ronron had some awful news this weekend, which kinda made me sad's weird, but when really bubbly and happy people are sad...they're usually sad infectiously. also, i wasn't in a happy mood anyways.

i think, that the whole silver lining thing is important sometimes. at least, for sanity's sake.

also, i hate being semi-employed. i am broke as a joke, and cannot exercise any retail therapy.

i need a fucking job =_=

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Flamingo of Darkness

Some chibi's i drew of my mage and his mates. who are also my mates. cool aye?

i have been...feeling kinda...i dunno, like i've been hit repeatedly in the stomach. very emo, yes. but first! we must talk about the Dark Flamingos and the awesomeness that they are. On Friday, y'see, we went to a quiz. I was on a team and everything, also, i had the honor (or maybe the forceline'ness of naming our team the Dark Flamingos)

our team consisted of our very own Wilson, Sharky, Brother of Sharky, The Griff, and Moira, sister of The Griff. It was an awesome team. Don't just take my word for it, we won the damn quiz, so we must have been pretty awesome. Prizes were an awesome Alcatel 701 each ( i gots the orange one), a carton of coke and two bottles of wine. which i presume are expensive, lord knows the phones must have been.

i haveta thank the Ronron and Sharky especially, since they kinda forceline'd us into doing it anyway :P

so after that, we went out to celebrate! which of course involved copious amounts of alcohol, dancing (in moira's case, with a small woman who likes...other women) and much yelling of "Dark Flamingos!". people must have thought we were crazy...i doubt it though, since they were also probably drunk as well.

then i got some...kinda bad news. i'm trying my hardest to look on the bright side of life, like Brian tells ya to. it's tough, but i think i'll survive. The girlfriend makes me super happy and super sad sometimes.

the next day, i spent mostly at Ronron's bosses house, whom she is housesitting for. i doan know why someone asked her to sit on their house, but she's doin it nonetheless. the whole gang was there, some left, some stayed, and basically took over the house. it was lotsa fun, we played wii, cooked dinner and watched movies. made me feel happier, which is good, coz feeling happy is...good? i guess.

spent the night there, since it was pretty late, also Griff wasnt feeling too stellar, so i doan think he wanted to move around that much. Heres to hoping the rest of the long weekend is great, i think it just might be :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alteria! It's near Siberia...and like..Latveria

so, i went to work today, with the intention of giving my boss a piece of my mind. i was all, imma do it, get all upset, and finally let her know that i don't like being semi-employed.

i get to work...and it turns out shes going overseas for a week. next week. and leaving me with nothing to do...


and i didn't give her a piece of my mind...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You know you're semi-employed when:

you suddenly have a lot more time to draw pictures of you and your friends characters =_=

from left to right! Despair the Priest, Hiraedd ( Edd for short) and Hanibble (Usually just nibble :P)

Monday, June 9, 2008


I have a cold. It sucks. no really, i thought i had beaten the recent bout of cold weather we've been having recently and like, not caught anything. i was sadly mistaken =_=

anyways! yesterday was...good. went to work ( one of two days down baby! yeah!) and drew a lotta stuff for the boss. a lotta unneccessary stuff i's her spawn's birthday coming up, so she asked me to draw a picture for him and his mates. this is what i came up with:
now come on, that's pretty awesome. she didn't like it though, so i did a few more options.

i felt a bit bleh that she didn't like it, but if there's one thing i've learned from working in advertising it's not to get too attached to options you've created for clients. poor hadn't even begun to live.

i have finished reading The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, and i have to say a big thankyou to Lawrence to giving me the novel. Detectives and robots are an awesome combination, and Elijah Baley ( Jehoshaphat!) is the coolest earthman plainclothesman ever. i've read the book after the Naked Sun, which is called The Robots of Dawn, but while reading dawn i thought it was a stand alone novel. Now it looks like i have to find a copy of the Caves of Steel >_<

also! using the wings from the option i made above i made an awesome wallpaper!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


The sun was shining , the weather was sweet, and i was reading some kind of novel as i lay on an inflatable mattress on a calm crystal blue sea. it was a pretty cool dream. then, the sea pulled back, and i sat upon my mattress on a bed of sand. clutching the novel, i watched as a huge wave hurtled toward the shore, huge, titanic, uncaring. I've always had a fascination by that moment, where you're in a pocket between the earth, and water, and all you have is a brief moment of air, just before you get bowled over by the force of the waves.
so of course i looked up what waves mean in dreams. apparently: " To dream that you are caught in a tidal wave, signifies the strength of your emotions, perhaps accompanied by tears that you are holding back in your waking life."
i feel lately like it's just one wave after another.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We would be warm, below the storm

so, it was the girlfriends birthday today (unless i have taken too long to type this out, then it was yesterday). she is officially two years older than me for the next month and a half. i doan think she had the best birthday ever, but at least there was cake. and whiskey. admittedly she did not get to drink said whiskey, but it was there.

we (the girlfriend and i) had a nice talk about what to do in case of wolf attacks though. apparently, the plan is for me to toss her hiiiigh into the air (using my manly strength of course) and then proceed to punch the wolves. there have been nay-sayers who say, what if there are too many wolves, albert? what if they bite you with their sharp teeth and fangs? to this i say, there are never enough wolves.

the girlriend, though, says that she is prone to getting attacked by giant birds while airborne. therefore, an auxiliary course of action, where i throw a wolf at said bird, was agreed upon.

it's these conversations that remind me why i love that girl.

i need more Beatles music. i got my hands on the Octopuses Garden track in order to prove a point to someone, and realized that my collection of music is sorely lacking in the Beatles department. my dad used to sing the song to my sister and i as a lullaby when i was a wee babe, so it brought back some warm fuzzies listening to it again. this track also inspired the piece of art you see at the top of the post. i doan think that the octopus in the song had psychic powers though.

i have also rolled the most depressing looking undead warrior i could make, and named him Hiraedd. yes, i doan know if it will pass over me anytime soon.

and finally, i wish my skills were as awesome as this lady here: [link]