Thursday, August 28, 2008

Masking tape fixes everything

yes, that's me on the right, in the robin costume. i think that if my parents had bought me a batman outfit, i might have turned out to be a completely different person. but that is another pant leg in the trousers of time, isn't it?

lately i have become somewhat of an odd-job man for my uncle and aunt. i run about delivering and picking up papers and for the past few days have been helping them move out of their house. this includes going through old photographs, which turned up that little gem above. that's my little sister on the left by the way. if only they stayed like that.

today i learned a very important lesson. that lesson is with enough masking tape you can fix pretty much anything. my grandmother gave me the task of fixing an old cork table that had been swollen and broken, somehow water had gotten into the cork of the table and warped it considerably. i fixed it. using masking tape.

obviously this means that any D.I.Y. that i shall attempt from now on can be handled confidently with masking tape in hand.

also, from Wilson i have leeched seasons 4 and 5 of the Justice League. i think it is safe to say that i have an unhealthy obsession with Wonder Woman. like i said, if only the 'rents had bought me a batman outfit...

Friday, August 22, 2008

I mean, why don't we just attach Rocket Jets to everything?

so, heres the thing. it seems that without consumption of alcohol, i can stay awake until 5 in the morning after partying all night long. had a little bit of a farewell party for Sharky last night which was a lot of good fun. i'm going to miss that crazy kid when she takes off for the land where people feel the need to make movies about girls with gatling guns for arms. that's japan by the way, in case you were wondering.

on the health front, apart from being incredibly strung out this morning, i feel like a million bucks. i mean, no more lethargy or anything from the yellow sickness, and i doan think i look that banana-like anymore (unless you want to see my banana impression, which is only available to females between the ages of 18 and 45, on thursdays, refreshments provided, tips welcome)

also, the application letter has been deemed worthy by my grandmother and uncle (with a few quick changes needed). i think my grandmother was surprised by my literary grace really. also, i did just say literary grace.

finally, here are two pictures i drew to help break an artists block.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another depressing post! yay!

today was another one of those days i guess. woke up to a text that didn't make me too happy. i'm single again. just throwing that out there. the text didn't have anything to with that directly though, that was sorted out some time ago.

the application letter is coming along alright. still needs a lot of work though, inspiration to write about my inspirations is needed.

went with the uncle to the British high commission to get his visa and stuff sorted out today. it was educational and all that, and then we went, had lunch and then took off for the hospital. my uncles cousin, (i dunno what that makes his relation to me...cousin as well? great cousin?) had an accident with a sander yesterday and since he's diabetic he may have to have an amputation. did i mention i hate hospitals?

hospital dramas , i can deal with. i'll watch shortland street, ER, Scrubs, House M.D., what have you. but the reality of a hospital is never fun. sick people everywhere, worried relatives and the constant smell of disinfectant that doesn't cover up everything. i guess everyone would prefer the glitz of a television screen to the real thing.

meh, as Death Cab for Cutie says, theres no comfort in the waiting room, just nervous faces bracing for bad news.

however, i did get to meet my uncle whom i haven't seen for ages. not the uncle whom i went to the High Comm with, this uncle is my grandmothers brother. when i was younger, he used to lift me up by my ears and hold me aloft in the air. it hurt as i'm sure you can imagine. the great thing about growing older though is that now i'm taller than him.

the afternoon was alright, went to the grounds with the Griff, where i realised that i am pretty bad at asking people out. i mean really bad. the Griff says that it's because i never take anyones advice, but i think he just means i don't take his advice all the time. regardless, i am really bad at asking girls out.

so not feeling on top of the world today, but hey, tomorrow is another day right? and i'm young right?

so why do i feel so old.

A picture tells a thousand words, gettit?

i have been very busy as of late, mostly with the running around and organizing things for my family, visas and such. it's been pretty exciting so far, i can tell you.

the hardest part so far though, has been trying to write my application letter for art school. having to think about what motivates me, what inspires me, and why the heck i want to learn how to draw things good and do other things good too.

this is a short entry.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just one of those days

you know, where you go from low to high to whoa. started out as being very, very crap. the mummy was in a kind of mood i guess, and i wasn't feeling up to a screaming match, so i just kinda took it. also, we were going to the doctors, and its not like i have the money to pay the bills. sometimes i think she just thinks of me as an obligation as opposed to...i dunno, sommat else, but i'm not in a very neutral place to discuss it all. i might be biased. yes, it happens.

so the trip to the doctors was heartening. my liver has improved by 1000 points apparently. the Liver Function test from two weeks ago gave me a score of 2000 on the "your liver is fucked" scale. this week it was down to 1000. so in two weeks i'm off to the doc's again, and maybe i'll have improved a whole bunch more.

also, i'm not as yellow as i once was, so my title as the Bonana King might be slipping. we shall see how this pans out.

spent the afternoon with Lawrence, Apples, John and Sharky. it was...nice. it was a lovely sunny day, with a clear blue sky and a full town. spent a ludicrous amount of time looking at board shorts for Lawrence and John, and in the end we didn't even end up going swimming! we ended up at the hibiscus grounds, wandering about and feasting on meatballs.

and then someone decided we should go on the sizzler. the sizzler is basically a merry go round in a merry go round. perhaps a photo is needed, and maybe i'll get my hands on one. until then, imagine a large contraption with seats that spin around a central axis, this axis is attached to another central axis, to which several other axises (or axii) are attached. yeah...needs a photo.

anyways, Lawrence and Apples get one seat, John and Sharky get another, and i'm put in one next to two little fijian kids, a boy and a girl.

me: this is my first time on this thing

little boy: eh? really? boy, it goes really fast! you're going to fly aaaall the way to the moon and back again!

me: that fast? wow...i dunno, maybe i should get on the ferris wheel.

little girl: you're from Australia?

me: no man! i'm from suva!

little girl: se!

me: io

unfortunately the guys that were organizing the ride took me away from the kids (which sounds bad as i write it) and shoved me into another seat, and one of the operator boys got in to balance the seat with me. he also asked me if i was from Australia.

oh yeah, and the sizzler...goes really fast. it's, like a horizontal ferris wheel on steroids. i had too much fun, and felt a little sick and weak in the knees after it was all done.

it was just one of those days. after the whole thing, today felt like one of those days where nothing can go wrong when you've got your friends, time to kill, and the sky above you. i don't think i had a care in the world this afternoon, and for my friends i'm eternally grateful.

also, purple pants are better at a distance, but that's a story for another day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We want you to use this cheesegrater here.

yes, when you ask people what they want drawn it comes down to about three different things. it's either

A) them

people are vain. heck, i'm vain. in my case it's alright, since i exude a sense of rugged handsomeness it would be silly not to be vain. where was i? anyways, yes, people ask me to draw them alot. even after they've seen me draw! it's weird!

B) something extremely complicated

a shining example being the comic above, which is loosely based on a conversation i had with someone who shall remain un-named. my personal favorite was back at the comic convention when a kid asked me to draw the justice league. in space. fighting dragons.

C) them doing something extremely complicated

heck, people like to see themselves doing awesome cake stuff. like fighting the justice league. in space. on the back of a dragon.

also, listening to sad songs is not the way to counter depression, just tossing that out there. i'm working on it though! i think i just need to find what is known as a distraction.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh noes, its 1740 all over again!

so, i have been very pressed lately. Oppressed, depressed, repressed. but for a couple of hours yesterday i wasn't oppressed and forced to stay indoors. my mummy had returned from a trip to the goat-loving north and decided to take me to lunch. i was not one to disagree, as i wanted to see if town had changed at all.

so we went, had some food at the MHCC and then went to buy some food for dinner in the supermarket. isn't great how all these things are in one building? it's like giving all your money to one person!

anyways, dinner was the be steak, and so we went to purchase some potatoes. now i love potatoes, maybe it's the irish in me, but they are my favouritest root crop of all time. i mean, there are so many things you can do with them, make chips, mash em, hash em, make them into a salad.

so you can imagine my shock and horror when i could not find a single potato in the supermarket! stupified, i turned to my mother and asked her if she knew what the heck darn was going on ( i try not to curse like a sailor in front of her all the time).

she told me that fiji has some sort of feud going on with new zealand because they sent us faulty potatoes. so i decided to do some reading of my own, and found that there was indeed a ban on potatoes. which has now been lifted, but we're still not importing any of the wondrous crops.

so in the mean time, i have been consoling myself by looking at this picture of a potato.

also, my mother was keen to point out at every possible juncture, even to random strangers as they walked by, that i was unaware of the whole potato thing, due to me not watching the news or caring about the world outside my computer. i decided not to mention that she had confined me to my quarters for two weeks :P

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh yah, imma be fine

i don't really want to talk about it. not right now. just thought i'd mention it though...throw it out there. its amazing how much emotional pain translates into physical sometimes.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the world spins madly on

i seem to have defaulted to my base state of drawing ninjas. this isn't a bad thing, although what it tells me is that i need some sort of inspiration in my life. from an outside source. preferably outside the house. also, i've been finding 3 panel comics a lot of fun to work with. the format is very forgiving for some reason. maybe because it's short, i dunno.

so it's wednesday...and i still haven't left the house yet. i'm hanging in there though!

had some visitors yesterday, Sharky and The Griff came over, which was nice. since i didn't have to to myself all day like i usually do. i mean...not talk to myself...yeah.

sometimes i worry about the Griff. he came over to my house and ate my bread, a can of tuna and drank like...the rest of my milo. i hope that there is food at his house, because although getting a visit was nice, i'd like to be able to eat sommat sometime.

also! the girlfriend sent me a song yesterday which made me smile. she knows me very well. in other news, i reccomend the weepies if you're in that sort of melodious, twangy music.

anyways, until i have any more adventures the updates will most likely be comics i have drawn at home. not that this is a bad thing, just not very adventurous.

Monday, August 4, 2008

i can't sleep

please excuse the crude language =_=

Sunday, August 3, 2008


my mother seems to think i am some sort of biohazard.

also, i don't know if i can stand being stuck at home for long periods of time. my gypsy blood yearns for the pavement between my feet and the sky above me.

see, mr ortega thinks i'm right!

this is a short post.

So my test results came back

and i got a B.

normally B's aren't that bad, i mean, its not a C, which would mean that i fail sara ga, and although it isn't an A the hope of the A is still there. the A is within reach!

however, i think i fail regardless when the word hepatitis is in front of the B.

so yah, when i got the news i was... crushed is a good word to describe the feeling, a sense of oh...shit. anyways, the important thing is looking on the bright side isn't it? i mean, i'm an optimist at heart, and whats the point of only looking at the depressing side of things? that's no fun for anyone.

so, the doc said, that there is no medicine that i can take to make it better, and the only thing to do is eat healthy, drink plenty of water and get rest. in this day though, where people seem to need a pill to get better, he gave me somewhat of a placebo, some mulit-vitamins and herbal stuff. anyways, when he said all this it kinda made me realise i lead a pretty unhealthy life when it gets down to it. so, let's look at it as a sort of de-tox i guess.

also, i'm still yellow, apparently that's the last thing to go, so at least theres a good sign of finding out the whole she-bang is almost over.

now, the thing that's been causing me lack of sleep is how? how the hell do i get something that's called an STD without humping anything? i mean, being sick and having a disease is never fun, but in my case i didn't even get to have the fun part of catching said disease!