Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another depressing post! yay!

today was another one of those days i guess. woke up to a text that didn't make me too happy. i'm single again. just throwing that out there. the text didn't have anything to with that directly though, that was sorted out some time ago.

the application letter is coming along alright. still needs a lot of work though, inspiration to write about my inspirations is needed.

went with the uncle to the British high commission to get his visa and stuff sorted out today. it was educational and all that, and then we went, had lunch and then took off for the hospital. my uncles cousin, (i dunno what that makes his relation to me...cousin as well? great cousin?) had an accident with a sander yesterday and since he's diabetic he may have to have an amputation. did i mention i hate hospitals?

hospital dramas , i can deal with. i'll watch shortland street, ER, Scrubs, House M.D., what have you. but the reality of a hospital is never fun. sick people everywhere, worried relatives and the constant smell of disinfectant that doesn't cover up everything. i guess everyone would prefer the glitz of a television screen to the real thing.

meh, as Death Cab for Cutie says, theres no comfort in the waiting room, just nervous faces bracing for bad news.

however, i did get to meet my uncle whom i haven't seen for ages. not the uncle whom i went to the High Comm with, this uncle is my grandmothers brother. when i was younger, he used to lift me up by my ears and hold me aloft in the air. it hurt as i'm sure you can imagine. the great thing about growing older though is that now i'm taller than him.

the afternoon was alright, went to the grounds with the Griff, where i realised that i am pretty bad at asking people out. i mean really bad. the Griff says that it's because i never take anyones advice, but i think he just means i don't take his advice all the time. regardless, i am really bad at asking girls out.

so not feeling on top of the world today, but hey, tomorrow is another day right? and i'm young right?

so why do i feel so old.

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