Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the world spins madly on

i seem to have defaulted to my base state of drawing ninjas. this isn't a bad thing, although what it tells me is that i need some sort of inspiration in my life. from an outside source. preferably outside the house. also, i've been finding 3 panel comics a lot of fun to work with. the format is very forgiving for some reason. maybe because it's short, i dunno.

so it's wednesday...and i still haven't left the house yet. i'm hanging in there though!

had some visitors yesterday, Sharky and The Griff came over, which was nice. since i didn't have to like...talk to myself all day like i usually do. i mean...not talk to myself...yeah.

sometimes i worry about the Griff. he came over to my house and ate my bread, a can of tuna and drank like...the rest of my milo. i hope that there is food at his house, because although getting a visit was nice, i'd like to be able to eat sommat sometime.

also! the girlfriend sent me a song yesterday which made me smile. she knows me very well. in other news, i reccomend the weepies if you're in that sort of melodious, twangy music.

anyways, until i have any more adventures the updates will most likely be comics i have drawn at home. not that this is a bad thing, just not very adventurous.

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mcb said...

the comics are brilliant. signed crazy stalker fan. (PS hope you feel a bit better soon and don't get too hungry)