Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just one of those days

you know, where you go from low to high to whoa. started out as being very, very crap. the mummy was in a kind of mood i guess, and i wasn't feeling up to a screaming match, so i just kinda took it. also, we were going to the doctors, and its not like i have the money to pay the bills. sometimes i think she just thinks of me as an obligation as opposed to...i dunno, sommat else, but i'm not in a very neutral place to discuss it all. i might be biased. yes, it happens.

so the trip to the doctors was heartening. my liver has improved by 1000 points apparently. the Liver Function test from two weeks ago gave me a score of 2000 on the "your liver is fucked" scale. this week it was down to 1000. so in two weeks i'm off to the doc's again, and maybe i'll have improved a whole bunch more.

also, i'm not as yellow as i once was, so my title as the Bonana King might be slipping. we shall see how this pans out.

spent the afternoon with Lawrence, Apples, John and Sharky. it was...nice. it was a lovely sunny day, with a clear blue sky and a full town. spent a ludicrous amount of time looking at board shorts for Lawrence and John, and in the end we didn't even end up going swimming! we ended up at the hibiscus grounds, wandering about and feasting on meatballs.

and then someone decided we should go on the sizzler. the sizzler is basically a merry go round in a merry go round. perhaps a photo is needed, and maybe i'll get my hands on one. until then, imagine a large contraption with seats that spin around a central axis, this axis is attached to another central axis, to which several other axises (or axii) are attached. yeah...needs a photo.

anyways, Lawrence and Apples get one seat, John and Sharky get another, and i'm put in one next to two little fijian kids, a boy and a girl.

me: this is my first time on this thing

little boy: eh? really? boy, it goes really fast! you're going to fly aaaall the way to the moon and back again!

me: that fast? wow...i dunno, maybe i should get on the ferris wheel.

little girl: you're from Australia?

me: no man! i'm from suva!

little girl: se!

me: io

unfortunately the guys that were organizing the ride took me away from the kids (which sounds bad as i write it) and shoved me into another seat, and one of the operator boys got in to balance the seat with me. he also asked me if i was from Australia.

oh yeah, and the sizzler...goes really fast. it's, like a horizontal ferris wheel on steroids. i had too much fun, and felt a little sick and weak in the knees after it was all done.

it was just one of those days. after the whole thing, today felt like one of those days where nothing can go wrong when you've got your friends, time to kill, and the sky above you. i don't think i had a care in the world this afternoon, and for my friends i'm eternally grateful.

also, purple pants are better at a distance, but that's a story for another day.

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sharky said...

xcuse me...are you like...from Australia? :)