Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We want you to use this cheesegrater here.

yes, when you ask people what they want drawn it comes down to about three different things. it's either

A) them

people are vain. heck, i'm vain. in my case it's alright, since i exude a sense of rugged handsomeness it would be silly not to be vain. where was i? anyways, yes, people ask me to draw them alot. even after they've seen me draw! it's weird!

B) something extremely complicated

a shining example being the comic above, which is loosely based on a conversation i had with someone who shall remain un-named. my personal favorite was back at the comic convention when a kid asked me to draw the justice league. in space. fighting dragons.

C) them doing something extremely complicated

heck, people like to see themselves doing awesome cake stuff. like fighting the justice league. in space. on the back of a dragon.

also, listening to sad songs is not the way to counter depression, just tossing that out there. i'm working on it though! i think i just need to find what is known as a distraction.

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