Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh noes, its 1740 all over again!

so, i have been very pressed lately. Oppressed, depressed, repressed. but for a couple of hours yesterday i wasn't oppressed and forced to stay indoors. my mummy had returned from a trip to the goat-loving north and decided to take me to lunch. i was not one to disagree, as i wanted to see if town had changed at all.

so we went, had some food at the MHCC and then went to buy some food for dinner in the supermarket. isn't great how all these things are in one building? it's like giving all your money to one person!

anyways, dinner was the be steak, and so we went to purchase some potatoes. now i love potatoes, maybe it's the irish in me, but they are my favouritest root crop of all time. i mean, there are so many things you can do with them, make chips, mash em, hash em, make them into a salad.

so you can imagine my shock and horror when i could not find a single potato in the supermarket! stupified, i turned to my mother and asked her if she knew what the heck darn was going on ( i try not to curse like a sailor in front of her all the time).

she told me that fiji has some sort of feud going on with new zealand because they sent us faulty potatoes. so i decided to do some reading of my own, and found that there was indeed a ban on potatoes. which has now been lifted, but we're still not importing any of the wondrous crops.

so in the mean time, i have been consoling myself by looking at this picture of a potato.

also, my mother was keen to point out at every possible juncture, even to random strangers as they walked by, that i was unaware of the whole potato thing, due to me not watching the news or caring about the world outside my computer. i decided not to mention that she had confined me to my quarters for two weeks :P


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

i like......

shiva said...

How about fast food joints? Shortage of fries?

oh noe...


Bellerophontes said...

*oogles at potato pic*

that's one sexy spud(muffin?)

Asherd said...

That's one hot potato! I think the shops are selling them again. But they will not be anything like the one you linked. /sigh