Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look at this sexy mofo

Magicman does whatever a Magicman can.

That's the welfare tier 13 robe, yes it is. Since the new scroll of bringing people back with crazy benefits and playing WoW again, Seedus the mage has actually been able to do a raid and kill the dude on the box. The whole "killing the big baddie on the box" has always been an issue with me. Ever since I started playing Warcraft, either my lack of ability to sink time or find a good guild or have a decent internet connection has never allowed me to raid. With super easy Raid Finder raids though, I've done it. Yes, it was easier than it should be, yes it was with a group of strangers, but still, I did. So, props to Blizz for making casual raiding a reality. 
This might be worst screenshot of the Deathwing fight ever. 

Does it mean less though? Not taking down the big bad Deathwing in a challenging and rewarding way? I have been playing this game for years. I'm just glad I got to see the fight to be honest. 


And it's not like the gear is the best, so to get the upper level stuff, it would be more of a challenge. I felt a bit bad this morning when the chestpiece dropped and a Druid whispered me asking if he could have it. Then an awesome trinket dropped, which I won the roll for, and he couldn't believe it. It does come down to luck when getting items in LFR, and maybe if I had better gear I might have given it to him. But they were upgrades and I won the roll, should I feel guilty? If I'd won the roll on the shoulders then...actually I would have kept em, because everyone knows that shoulders make up 50% of a set. 

Bear Stealth mode activated.

Now I will get Gambito the Troll Druid to max level, and then see how I feel. I like Warcraft, it's a polished and huge game, and running dungeons with my mates is always the best. Am I interested in purchasing Mists of Pandaria? I'm leaning towards yes right now, but we'll see when it gets closer to release. I have a soft spot for Seedus, and taking him on a holiday to a mystical land full of panda people sounds like a good reward for him. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I first drew this image way back in 2007. I have redrawn it, as you can see! Was an exercise to see how much my style and abilities have changed, and while I still have a long way to go when it comes to my art, I am proud of how far I have come. 

Also, I don't use glow on peoples eyes anymore. 


Okay, only when I want to. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Planes Creature Codex: Mycellian

I have decided to do some writing again, for practice. Here are some words and pictures about a race of mushroom people.

Planes Creature Codex
Entry 341
The Mycellians

The lands of the Mycellian Empire are a swampy, cold and dangerous place. Close to the borders of the Dwarvish lands and near the Verdant Forests it is a land of bogs and caverns. From this place though, a powerful and ancient race has developed, the Mycellians. Fierce warriors, adept spellcasters and master tradesmen, the Mycellians could quite possibly conquer the known Plane, if not for their constant campaign against the Dwarves and Varoans. 


Mycellians are fungal creatures, and typically grow to about six to six and a half feet in height. Elder Mycellians though, have been known to reach ten feet in height, as growth continues even after reaching the mature age of 30. Typically long lived, the average Mycellian can live to about 300 years, but those with the ability to wield magic have been known to live up to 1000 years. The cap of a Mycellian is similar to hair color in humans, as color is generally inherited. However, different families in Mycellian society tend to pass their skills onto offspring, thus the assumption that cap color signifies a Mycellians role in their society is somewhat justified. 

Mycellians do not need to breathe, and instead absorb nutrients through their skin, and through the gills on their faces. They have excellent dark vision, being a primarily underground race. 

Mycellians reproduce through spores, and spores from a male and female are needed to produce offspring. The gestation period for a baby is around 3 months, after which the baby emerges from its sporesac. This is known as its spawnday. 

One final note on Mycellian biology, is the ability for a Mycellian to undergo metamorphosis into what they call a Shadowspore.

No one is sure how this exactly takes place, rumors of dangerous spirits haunting the lowest tiers of the Mycellian underground, or poisonous gases that mutate the Mycellian cell structure are merely speculation, no research can be conducted, due to the nature of the corruption that Shadowspore undergo. 

Shadowspore are shunned by Mycellian society, and haunt the mines and abandoned passages of Mycellia. 

Shadowspore, corrupted Mycellians.

Shadowspore have the ability to corrupt and breed more of themselves by kidnapping errant Mycellian miners and typically hunters are required to seek them out before a large infestation takes place. Single-minded and deadly in their purpose, Shadowspore will attempt to destroy any who enter their lairs. No vestige of the Mycellian that they were previously remains within these foul creatures, although they have been known to collect and steal trinkets.

The most dangerous of the Shadowspore are those Magi who are corrupted, for they retain their magical abilities while also succumbing to the madness inherent in all Shadowspore.


Mycellian weaponry is primarily made of Jade, which is reinforced using ancient Mycellian forging techniques. The Honor Guard of the Emperor is the most distinguished fighting force in Mycellia, and specialize in blade and spear. Armor is typically made of banded metal trimmed with Ironwood, and layered. 

The standing army of Mycellia is made up of the Warrior Class, although all Mycellians are trained in self defense. Some adventurous Mycellians have been known to take part in Gladiator events, where they excel in one on one combat, but have never been able to work together with other warriors who haven't been trained in their ways.

A member of the Emperors Honor Guard. 


Mycellian society is ruled by their Emperor, who resides in the Jade Palace in Roomia, their capital. The current Emperor is Emperor Agaricus, who has ruled Mycellia for the past 400 years. Below him are the Noble Class, who rule over the Warrior and Trader Classes. 

The rest of Mycellian society make up the Worker Class. A special exception to this are Mycellians who are born able to wield magic. They are taken to Roomia to study at the school of magic there, which is renowned throughout the Planes as the best at producing magi who work with stone and crystals. 

Jade is an important mineral in Mycellia, as it is used for weapons and symbolises luck. Upon reaching 30 years of age, a young Mycellian is often given a circle of jade by its parents,and enters adult society.Mycellians are also known for their shrewdness when it comes to trading, and have established trading posts across the Plane.

Mycellians do not have an official religion, but practice ancestor worship and revere their Emperor. Every family in Mycellia has a crypt dedicated to their ancestors, which they make pilgrimage to on their spawnday, in order to receive good luck for the year. 

A Mycellian Trader


The Empire of Mycellia has always been involved in conflict with the Dwarves, both above and below ground. As many of the cities of Mycellia are underground, their tunnels spread deep and far, and sometimes encroach on the mines of the Dwarves. Dwarvish raiders have also been known to harass Mycellian trading caravans. 

Mycellians also have come into conflicts with Varoans over the years, but not to the extent of their rivalry with the Dwarves. The last great war with the Varoans resulted in them being pushed back to Opal Mountain, while the technical "war" with the Dwarves is still ongoing. 

A Mycellian Magi

Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the Horde!

Been playing a lot of WoW again lately. As usual, I have returned at a time where its possible for me to obtain lots of upgrades to my gear, which has kept me going. 

The new raid finder feature has allowed me to take part in (with lots of lag and lots of people who swore at each other and called each other various things that I cannot repeat here) the raid against Deathwing. Which was a pretty epic battle, and I managed to help out despite the lag (i.e. I wasn't the last on the dps chart) 

Also, has pretty much made me draw more WoW inspired art. Here are two of the pictures I drew. A Forsaken warrior and a Blood Elf warlock. I  wonder what could have inspired that? 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creative Friday Drawing

Today was creative friday! So I drew Seedus. Who I was thinking about since Blizzard changed their Scroll of Resurrection policy. Anyway, here is picture!