Monday, February 23, 2009

Howdy Howdy Howdy

The internet has returned to my life. Oh, how i missed it :P

Yeah, so i've been working on a new comic. I have pretty high hopes for this one, and when it's done i'll post a page or two. The gist of it is basically acceptance of who you are, which may sound deep but really isn't. I have realised that i am a very sarcastic person, and so have embraced this for the comic. I'm particularly proud of the writing on this one :)

And yes, i know i said i was working on Magni and his Chickenheadedness, but the slack thing was that i was reusing a whole lot of my old characters. I didn't dig this at all, and kinda want to start something new and fresh. I reckon that might be the way to go. i mean, none of my old characters got published, so what the hell lets just make something new up. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Couldn't sleep

so i been make this. is a bit small for a wallpaper though, seeing as how i sized it down. on another note, my internets are still playing up at home, so i been forced to post this guerilla style, from an internet cafe in town. surreptitious glances are abound.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Burning west...thing rained

so i'm in the west, on a whim and quite randomly. The Griff asked if i wanted to go to help out with some radio stuff, i wasn't feeling too happy at home so i decided, what the fluff, let's go.

so far, i've played soccer in the rain, had dinner with the nicest old people ever and mucked about out Lautoka. Which is small. And boring if you don't know anyone there.

There will be a longer post soon, just thought i'd update the blog.

Viva Lautoka :D

Also, Coldplay won some grammies Lawrence. Griff can't stop crowing about it. Taylor Swift is too cute and i need to get the Album Raising Sands. Mainly because it won like 4 grammies and i knew nothing about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working titles and Fourth Walls

was talking with Wilson today about that enigmatic core of storytelling, the fourth wall. I was talking to him about my latest project (Working title: Solis) and he asked me if i had ever broken the fourth wall in one of my comics. The fourth wall, if you're not familiar with the theory, is the invisible barrier between the audience and the actual characters in the story. This lack of interaction is meant to help with the suspension of disbelief, an important aspect of storytelling. You know for a fact that kids don't cast magic spells and fly around on broomsticks (apart from in my neighbourhood) but you suspend your disbelief to enjoy the tale. 

I remembered two times where i used the fourth wall, back in high school when i was working on a comic called Nameless and Aimless. Which i love by the way, i still laugh at the jokes, this is a good sign. At one point, i set fire to my room (another story for another day) and the dialogue went something like this: 

Hat guy: man, this comic books smells like smoke! 

Armor guy: yeah, the author set his room on fire, almost lost us and all. 

Hat guy: what? why would he do that? 

The Author walks into the frame, waving his arms angrily at the two.

Author: guys! you're not sticking to the script!

Hat guy: you almost set us on fire! 

The Author takes out an eraser.

Author: now, are you guys going to behave or am i going to have to use...the eraser?

Armor guy punches the Author in the face. 

Yeah, i had fun in high school :P