Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Burning west...thing rained

so i'm in the west, on a whim and quite randomly. The Griff asked if i wanted to go to help out with some radio stuff, i wasn't feeling too happy at home so i decided, what the fluff, let's go.

so far, i've played soccer in the rain, had dinner with the nicest old people ever and mucked about out Lautoka. Which is small. And boring if you don't know anyone there.

There will be a longer post soon, just thought i'd update the blog.

Viva Lautoka :D

Also, Coldplay won some grammies Lawrence. Griff can't stop crowing about it. Taylor Swift is too cute and i need to get the Album Raising Sands. Mainly because it won like 4 grammies and i knew nothing about it.

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sharky said...

didya go to Jolly Good? was it...jolly good?