Monday, August 31, 2009


Quick post before Work

Man, my schedule is off the busyness chain this week =_=

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Productive Morning is Productive

Yes, I redid it. After passing the first one around for a couple of opinions there was one suggestion that was too good to pass up >_<

Another Arjay moment:

Arjay: Man, I've got so many epic Jims its not funny.

Me: What kind of Jims?

Arjay: you know, spirit Jims, spellpower Jims.

John: Wait wait, you mean gems?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Because some random guy said he liked them

Been meaning to get around to making more of these. At some point last week (before horrid life-threatening event) some guy said he really liked my Kids these Days comics and that him and his room-mate in boarding school used to collect them in scrapbooks >_<

Therefore, I make more, and see if I can get someone to print them in their publications. Fiji needs more comics damnit!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Economics and Crackers

Breakfast Cracker news article link!

So I read that biscuit prices are going up. Resisting the urge to make obvious jokes about my Rotuman relatives, I'm just going to say that I'm glad I prefer Lee's Breakfast Crackers over FMF ones :P

That jingle still sticks in my head. From monday to sunday...each and every daaay!

Is not entirely sad, but not heppeh either

Things have been alright lately. That pretty much sums up the now. Work has been tiring but fulfilling, school has been pretty interesting (I's waiting to see how badly I did in my first assignment) and work continues slowly on the RPG masterpiece!

I was pretty shook up for a while. You know, after the initial adrenaline faded I was strung out for a while. I had some pretty messed up nightmares, and then difficulty sleeping. I guess this is one of those life experiences people talk about. My uncle and I had a good talk about life yesterday. Religion, love, life. We even talked about work and stuff at some point, in that what you have to do to get into the position where you're doing what you love.

And then theres the girl in Malaysia... I don't write about her a lot here, is kinda a personal part of my life, although lord knows I share a lot of that :3

Anyway, I am going to go and do some honest drawing now, and hone my skills.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Umbrellas hurt, House music is alright, and Hibiscus brings out the crazies

Last night was interesting. Well, technically, last night and this morning were interesting. My friend Arjay and I went out on the town, he's trying to fix this girl you see, and it's always entertaining (and slightly painful) to watch him in action. Arjay has this weird way with women, I remember Griff and I discussing it once, and we came to the conclusion that he truly believes that his life is a Bollywood film. Complete with backup dancers and running around trees.

Anyway, Traps was closing, and this girl invites us upstairs for the afterparty. I've been upstairs at Traps a few times, but since you can't smoke up there, I avoid it like the plague. Last night though, I'm not too sure if this is a regular thing, they had a DJ playing House music. You know, unz unz unz unz, insert random sound bite here, unz unz unz unz.

At around 3, it was fuck off o'clock, so Arjay bundled the girl into a cab, gave her his last five dollar bill, and drove me home. It was a nice night, the music was still in my head, but I really wanted to just hit the hay. Mainly because I knew that I would have to be up early to go to church.

We get to my place, and I point out the new puppy that we have. His name is Maximus Prime, and he is the most retarded puppy in the world. But thats a story for another time. Arjay patted the dogs head, played with him for a bit, and then walked back to the car. I pulled out my keys to open the front door. And then we got jumped by nine fellows who were hiding in my garden.

Five of them went for Arjay, and four for me. It took a while to register in the dark, and they were so fast, the first thing I knew, there are these men pushing me to the ground and demanding my wallet.

"Give me your wallet, fuck you, give it here."

Over by the car I could hear Arjay going on about how the car was a company vehicle and such. I also made the silly decision to resist these guys.

Protip: Just give the crazy people your wallet.

One of them went for my pockets, and ripped the seams along my pant leg. Another hit me in the face with his umbrella. After about the second hit, the umbrella handle broke off, which I then grabbed and hit at the guy with his hands down my pants. He wasn't touchy-feely or anything though, which was a plus. This is also while screaming various obscenities at them and kicking. I found a shoe like, halfway down the driveway that belongs to me.

This all took place in about 2 minutes, by the end of it, they had taken the car, my phone, Arjays phone and his wallet.

Happily, the cops showed up in record time, and the car is now in impound.

So, be careful out there, Hibiscus brings out the crazies, stay safe and if possible avoid umbrellas.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You're the man Miyazaki! The Maaaan!

This might actually be the happiest, most magical film I have ever seen.

I would write more, but I am still in magical happy overdose from it.

That is all.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Attack of the Virus!

So I just spent the morning battling a horrible virus on my pc. What it would do was set up another internet connection and then prevent me from logging on using my account. It was a nightmare, to be sure. So armed with a malfunctioning copy of Norton Antivirus (CE baby!) and the handy shift-delete function I fought through sub-directory after sub-directory.

Eventually, the beast and it's minions were slain.

Hopefully it will not rear it's ugly face again. Until then, peace reigns on the kingdom, as we remember the fallen. Alas Google Chrome, you had a good run.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Name is still up in the air.

Another update on my current project that I spend too much time on. I reckon I am about, let's say 70% done with the building and such of episode 1. And yes, I have planned it out properly instead of making it up as I go along. Let's just say that Moki doesn't remain an Emo Kid for the whole of the series.

One of the harder things to do is to manage skills for party members. I have to learn to stop giving so many of them to people, just because they are cool.

Making up NPC dialogue is fun though.

And yes, I know the badguys are big... but I kinda like it that way. When you play old JRPG's like Final Fantasy 6 and Wild Arms and stuff, the enemies are much bigger than your characters. It kinda adds a whole, sense of accomplishment to defeating foes. I guess another area of game design where that applies would be WoW, where NPC's are much bigger than PC's. (Non-player characters and Player characters respectively).

Scale is...relative ^_^

Oh and along with Benson and Hedges, are two other Shadow Brigade Captains called Dunhill and Paul Mall. It's all about themes baby!

An open bar is not your friend.

This is an important lesson I learned over the weekend. My mother gave me a ticket, you see, to go (with a friend!) to the Hibiscus (soft?) opening. It was open bar, so I would have had to be either suffering from liver dysfunction (again) or insane to not go.

It was a really fun night! On some level I was paying attention to the fashion show, because I was making comments on it to John and an old friend of mine who happened to show up and sit next to me during the night. He's a really cool guy! An he's an environmentalist now...I think. Like I said, open bar.

Also, there were a couple of really worrying contestants for the Adi Senecau this year. That's our gay pageant thing, by the way. And by worrying I mean that I am glad I *know* that these ladies are men.

At some point I danced with a Queen. That was good fun. How often do you get to dance with royalty?

And then at another point they ran out of beer at the bar. This was where I made the stupid mistake of saying "onz" to a glass of red wine. And another glass, and one more if you'd be so kind, just top me up there love, that's the ticket.

Ten O'clock arrived, John and I vacated the giant tent, and headed for O's. I was unaware that my body was in the process of rejecting a large amount of mixed drinks. I think I lasted for about, oh, say ten minutes before throwing up slightly on myself.

"What's he been drinking?" a fellow patron of O'reillys queried, as I decorated the bathroom sink with a lovely shade of red.

"Open bar." I said, as a bouncer led me from the bathroom, to a taxicab that would charge me 200% extra. I think I could hear a distant mutter of approval from my fellow bathroom attendees. But that might have been the alcohol.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Very very early Screenshot!

So, heres a screenshot of the RPG I'm working on. I just recently got the Side Battle System working, after much hair pulling and hand wringing. I'm not very good at scripts you see. So I drew the baddies, a couple of those are custom sprites, and I'm tinkering around with the database of the RPG to come up with something cool.

I still don't have a name for it yet. Was going to call it Arpgia, after the country that it's set in, but now I'm leaning toward, Moki learns to Rock. The main character, Moki, is an emo lad that lives in a tormented land. Not just tormented by like, Blorbs though. There are shadowy badguys and such.

Also, I am really surprised at how well the character Arcturus is developing. He's a Spectre that lives in Mokis room, and if you finish off a couple of sidequests he'll join up with you. That opens up another sidequest to find the people that murdered him, and find out who he was in his life.

And! I need to get Lawrence to draw me some battlers (that's what you call the enemy sprites :P)

Like, some zombies...and cultists and such. Also, deranged lumberjacks.

QT Day

On saturday, John and i drank a decent amount of alcohol. Also, we didn't only stick to one type of alcohol. Say what you want, but i believe that limiting oneself is bad. Even if you do get a hangover. And send drunken emails to people. I also didn't fully remember putting Reservoir Dogs on download. But when i woke up the next day there it was, on my desktop.

So i watched it, and i have to say, it's up there. The movie is basically shot in a warehouse, and the whole thing is carried by the dialogue, with robbers mistrusting one another, trying to find out who sold them out and royally fucked up the heist they were put together to do. Oh, and none of them know anything about each other, apart from the aliases that their boss gives them. Mr. Pink, Mr. White, etc.

Also, I think the torture scene has aged a bit. I mean, i cringed and watched with my hands over my eyes, but your average Saw fan wouldn't even have batted an eyelid.

Oh, and then i watched Pulp Fiction again, after getting it off'f John. Tomorrow, I'll also post a couple of early early screenshots of the RPG i'm working on. I have a lot to learn, but I'm pretty proud of what I've put together so far.

And I'm seriously looking forward to Inglorious Basterds.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Still alive!

Yes, I am! Had an interesting conversation with Lawrence yesterday, I had a sudden urge to make and RPG. Yes, i know, but that happens sometimes to me :P Had some free time before school today, so i mocked up a battle screen >_<

I like RPGs. They got me into videogames, and it was an easy transition from books to playing an RPG. I of course, probably don't have the resources or the programming know-how to make a game, but that can't stop me from making a few concepts can it? Was knocking around a few story ideas as well. Like any storytelling genre, a good RPG has its mainstays. The Evil Villain, the Prophecy, the Taciturn Hero, stuff like that. It's important to have a good twist though!

Oh, and Lawrence been design the monster. John is always saying how my monsters turn out looking cute all the time, so monster design will be Lawrences department.

The picture below has nothing to do with the RPG, but i liked it enough to scan it and post it :P