Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is not entirely sad, but not heppeh either

Things have been alright lately. That pretty much sums up the now. Work has been tiring but fulfilling, school has been pretty interesting (I's waiting to see how badly I did in my first assignment) and work continues slowly on the RPG masterpiece!

I was pretty shook up for a while. You know, after the initial adrenaline faded I was strung out for a while. I had some pretty messed up nightmares, and then difficulty sleeping. I guess this is one of those life experiences people talk about. My uncle and I had a good talk about life yesterday. Religion, love, life. We even talked about work and stuff at some point, in that what you have to do to get into the position where you're doing what you love.

And then theres the girl in Malaysia... I don't write about her a lot here, is kinda a personal part of my life, although lord knows I share a lot of that :3

Anyway, I am going to go and do some honest drawing now, and hone my skills.


L.Cass said...

"I don't write about her a lot here..."

But I'll mention it cause I know she'll read it?


Albie said...

hehe, what can I say, when you've hit rock bottom, the best thing to is pick up the shovel and keep digging :P

Siannie said...

not be emo on the interwebs,
its so not teh chouette!
cheer up!