Sunday, August 9, 2009

Very very early Screenshot!

So, heres a screenshot of the RPG I'm working on. I just recently got the Side Battle System working, after much hair pulling and hand wringing. I'm not very good at scripts you see. So I drew the baddies, a couple of those are custom sprites, and I'm tinkering around with the database of the RPG to come up with something cool.

I still don't have a name for it yet. Was going to call it Arpgia, after the country that it's set in, but now I'm leaning toward, Moki learns to Rock. The main character, Moki, is an emo lad that lives in a tormented land. Not just tormented by like, Blorbs though. There are shadowy badguys and such.

Also, I am really surprised at how well the character Arcturus is developing. He's a Spectre that lives in Mokis room, and if you finish off a couple of sidequests he'll join up with you. That opens up another sidequest to find the people that murdered him, and find out who he was in his life.

And! I need to get Lawrence to draw me some battlers (that's what you call the enemy sprites :P)

Like, some zombies...and cultists and such. Also, deranged lumberjacks.

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