Friday, August 28, 2009

Because some random guy said he liked them

Been meaning to get around to making more of these. At some point last week (before horrid life-threatening event) some guy said he really liked my Kids these Days comics and that him and his room-mate in boarding school used to collect them in scrapbooks >_<

Therefore, I make more, and see if I can get someone to print them in their publications. Fiji needs more comics damnit!


Wilson said...

you spelt "referance" wrong :P

sharky said...

lol...thanks Wilson. My work here is ...done.

Wilson said...

For some strange reason it stood out like a sore thumb XD

Albie said...

Spelling is corrected in the newer version. Also, one day we'll be sitting around chilling and I will give you a dirty look Wilson.

It will be for pointing out my shameful mistake.