Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I put on my robe and wizard hat

this will be a short post, merely a footnote to accompany the awesomeness that is the above design. i had an idea for a WoW comic today, but sitting down and inking it was tiring. i think i will shelve it and come back to it later. in the mean time, keep those magic missiles handy, for tomorrow, the dead will walk the earth.

also, quarantine (the american version of rec) is not as good as the spanish version. tis a shame really. went with the american friend and her man-friend to see it yesterday. can you say third wheel? :P

in closing, yes, i am a jason mraz fan.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because i like dodging thunderbolts

The Mango trees are all Blooming

at least, the one in my backyard is. i noticed this as i sat underneath the lemon tree this morning, contemplating fate and life like some pajama wearing Siddhartha. Mango tree blossoms are very pretty with their red stalks and yellow blossoms. also, that means soon the market will be flooded with mangoes! which means...chilled mango and icecream. you have not lived, my friend, until you have put mango slices in the freezer for thirty to forty five minutes and then slapped em on some vanilla ice cream. the perfect thing for those hot summer days :)

Diwali was good fun this year. During the morning i cleaned up the backyard ( surprising my grandmother and mum, i still don't know why i did it, some strange part of me saw all the leaves all over the grass and said, i need to clean) and then helped my sister make the puri for lunch. she will never be a teacher, my sister, for one thing she isn't very good at explaining things.

Sister: see, when they rise to the top you turn them over.

Me: why?

Sister: so they dont burn like those ones you didn't turn over!

Me: they've barely browned!

Sister: it's boiling oil! it'll brown in seconds!

Me: why didn't you tell me that in the first place?

Sister: /facepalm

still, it was a good bonding experience. i reckon.

then the gang met up so's we could go to peoples houses for diwali. Wilson (who provided wheels so we could go to Arjay's house) has provided an awesome post on things to do for diwali, which might be a little late for me to mention but it still makes for a good read nonetheless. first off, we went to Lawrence's mum's place, then we took a ride out to Arjay's place. by the end of the night i had a sore tummy from all the sweets and food. it was so worth it.

i also learned to keep Wilson and fireworks away from each other. that guy is a firehazard. i've never heard so many suggestions to do things that are on the fireworks box specifically telling you not to do them. like lay two sparkly fountains on their sides facing one another, just to see what happens. i would not trust that man with a sparkler.

good times :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the walk

so i have borked my ankle. it was truly a retarded experience on my part. i decided early yesterday morning to go to the shop, so i shlepped on my flip flops and stepped out the door. straight onto someones high-heeled (i live with like, four women, with many more women who come in and out of our house) shoe. needless to say, my lack of any actual experience with high heels made me slip and bork my bloody foot.

yeah, needless to say i now have a pretty cool gangsta walk, (also, its amazing how spell checker doesn't pick up the word gangsta) which will impress everyone. either that or they will think i am crippled. which i essentially am.

i was a bit upset at first, as you can tell from the conversation i had with the waitress at Jody's
(the new pizza place at the MHCC).

Waitress lady: Good evening sir, and how are we this evening?

Me: i have a sprained ankle.

Waitress lady: oh no, what happened? were you dope?

Me: no, no i just tripped over someones shoe.

Waitress lady: that's retarded.

yes, she really asked me if i was dope. it's the walk! it makes people think i'm gangsta!

here is a picture of a giant pink robot:awesome idea of noodles by the way.

i'm going to go back to keep my ankle elevated.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

100th post!

yes, this is the official one-hundredth post here on Awesome Cake. it's been a long and awesome ride. except for those really short posts where i complain about how sick i am. i apologise for those. Awesome Cake's first birthday is also coming up, i gots to get it a present of some kind :P

anyways, in between bouts of making feminist propaganda ( which is more fun than it sounds!) i made a few more designs. oh look, here is one of them now.

yes, that's a caricature of the Griff. speaking of rooting mouths, Edd is doing well. (yes, wow-speak inc) he has left Hellfire peninsula and started cutting things up in the Zangarmarsh. i like Zang, the color scheme contrasts well with Hellfire, going from firey red to calming blue was a nice design choice. Just this morning, Edd was busy committing genocide on some Broken Draenei when he saw off in the distance, an elite fen strider.

Without pausing to consider my options i charged in. Usually this is a bad idea, because elite monsters tend to take a couple of people to defeat. due to their eliteness obviously. Edd had no problems with this one however and soon it was a pile of writhing fen strider pieces at his feet. This is getting seriously weird.

also look! i made fun of our leader:
I don't know what Uncle Frank wants you to do exactly, but i'm sure it's extremely importanto. yeah, i'm not too happy with that one, and in fact might work on it a bit more. unless of course i get distracted by some other piece of art. speaking of other pieces of art, here is the last design for you to look at!
yesh, look at the mess! look at it!

And now i will return to making more feminist propaganda. Let the good times roll!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I likes making pretty designs

yes, yes i do. regarding the mum situation! she has asked me to do a whole bunch of graphic design work for her, which i think is awesome :D

mainly because it gives me something to do, and i hopefully get paid for it. nothing has been signed yet though. basically it's just a whole bunch of t-shirt and newspaper ad designs, nothing too tough. although later i might have to make some brochures and that.

monkeys are always fun. also! my artist friend and partner in crime Lawrence has started up a blog to catalogue the things in his mind. usually, he thinks about zombies, hence the Art of Zombies blog. check it out!

i'm glad i have work to do, and i think working for an NGO might be good for my KP (Karma points). i mean, helping out the community and that is supposed to be good right? like...duh.

very politically incorrect of me but fuck it, i like drawing ninjas. also, want. yeah, i think i could make a habit of drawing these design things, although now i'm worrying that i'm going to run out of ideas. feel free to give them to me! i will draw them and like...take all the credit.

i leave you with a piece of advice everyone should take to heart:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Spacehero Suits

Been listening to Those Dancing Days lately, they're a fun twee pop-ish all girl Swedish group (try saying that three times fast). Anyway, one of their songs is about flying around in a space hero suit, which inspired this!

i would so wear that t-shirt. then again, i wear a t-shirt that says anal commandos, so maybe my taste is suspect. yeah, lately i have come to love the warrior again. warning! WoW speak incoming!

yeah, when Edd reached Outland for the first time, he found it very difficult to fight anything his level, and when it came to fighting things higher than him? he would get his poor undead butt handed to him. i don't know why this was, looking back i think it might have been my poor choice of talents or maybe gear. then we got the latest patch, i loaded up Edd for posterity's sake and to use up the free respec that was given.

he kicks so much ass now it isn't funny. just for kicks, i charged into a camp of Fel Orcs. when the dust cleared all that was left was Edd, cackling maniaclly as he looted their corpses. There is a new talent called Sudden Death which coupled with the new glyph system means that Edd can crit your face with an execute so hard you will fall off the internet.

in the past two days he's gone from level 59 to almost 63. that's how much fun i'm having :P

anyway, apart from WoW and new music i've been drawing lots of little pictures. like, designs and stuff. i wish i had illustrator working properly at the moment so that i could get the damn designs like...print worthy ,you know? but my hard drive expired last week, so that is of the suck.

what kind of designs you ask? why, stuff like this:

i've seen that quote somewhere else though! that's the only sucky thing :P

anyways, the mum has asked me to go and help her with her radio station, she is paying me in money so i think i better make an effort to help and all that. more on this situation as it emerges, movie at 6.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

+1000 experience points!

you know what, my life isn't so bad. when you think about it, things could be mucho grande worser. that's totally my new term now, do not steal it or so help me god i will hunt you down. i have just spent the last few hours thinking about how, alright my life is. i mean, i have an amazing person who loves me, i get to basically draw all day (and help my family when they need me!) and i'm decently healthy.

i only hope that this zen like state can continue :P

here is a random page from the comic book i am working on:
it's not really a comic book book per se. i mean, that would imply that i hope to get it published one day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fuzzy brainpans

you know that feeling you get after a long ass weekend where every night you arrive home at 3 in the morning for 3 days straight? i personally call it the fuzzy brainpan condition. it's not a bad thing though, that state where your mind doesn't seem to be able to concentrate very well. needless to say though, good times were to be had this weekend.

thursday happened to be the day before Fiji Day. i don't know why Fiji hasn't decided to just call it Independance Day like the rest of the world. sure, it might mean that Government Buildings would get attacked by a giant spaceship and Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum would have to save us all with a computer virus, but hey, everyone else calls the damn day independance day, why can't we?

anyways, since it was the day before a public holiday we all went out. good times were had, good food was eaten and the anal commandoes were born. that however, is a story for another day. or at least until the sequel comes out. on friday, there was the movie marathon night. during which we watched too many damn movies.

well, we watched four movies...but i have to say, getting home at 3 in the AM means that i watched too many damn movies. at least Taken was better than Body of Lies (which we saw on Thursday, and i must say i was royally dissappointed in. Ridley Scott, you have lost the damn plot my friend).

and on saturday we had the sorta kinda farewell party for moi. it was a just in case party though, because we doan know if i am indeed leaving next week. the thing is though ,it's good to get it our of the way kind of, and i had bunchloads of fun. what with the singing of songs, the jabbering of the jaws and the watching of the Griff wearing the Pink Vest. yeah, good times.

anyway, i'm off to combat more of the Fuzzies with sleep. and maybe a movie with the gang at John's house.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me and Disease, we are buddies :D

yes, i have managed to contract Dengue. after having a short conversation with John regarding whether or not it could simply be the flu instead of Dengue, i pretty much confirmed it was dengue. it was disgusting, trust me.

so i've spent the last two days drugged up to my eyeballs in panadol and laying around. sometimes reading, sometimes watching the Big Bang Theory (which is an awesome show by the way, i highly recommend). the only differance between my normal lazing around and the new lazing around (now with 100% more Dengue Fever!!11!!11!) is that i am in constant pain. not even the good kind of pain where you're all, oooh, pain.

the suck thing is that i missed the bleddy sean kingston and katchafire concert. i happen to like katchafire, their tunes are jammin'.

i have also discovered that it takes about four to five minutes for me to become nauseated when looking at a computer screen. forgive me, for now i must bid thee adieu.