Monday, October 20, 2008

Spacehero Suits

Been listening to Those Dancing Days lately, they're a fun twee pop-ish all girl Swedish group (try saying that three times fast). Anyway, one of their songs is about flying around in a space hero suit, which inspired this!

i would so wear that t-shirt. then again, i wear a t-shirt that says anal commandos, so maybe my taste is suspect. yeah, lately i have come to love the warrior again. warning! WoW speak incoming!

yeah, when Edd reached Outland for the first time, he found it very difficult to fight anything his level, and when it came to fighting things higher than him? he would get his poor undead butt handed to him. i don't know why this was, looking back i think it might have been my poor choice of talents or maybe gear. then we got the latest patch, i loaded up Edd for posterity's sake and to use up the free respec that was given.

he kicks so much ass now it isn't funny. just for kicks, i charged into a camp of Fel Orcs. when the dust cleared all that was left was Edd, cackling maniaclly as he looted their corpses. There is a new talent called Sudden Death which coupled with the new glyph system means that Edd can crit your face with an execute so hard you will fall off the internet.

in the past two days he's gone from level 59 to almost 63. that's how much fun i'm having :P

anyway, apart from WoW and new music i've been drawing lots of little pictures. like, designs and stuff. i wish i had illustrator working properly at the moment so that i could get the damn designs like...print worthy ,you know? but my hard drive expired last week, so that is of the suck.

what kind of designs you ask? why, stuff like this:

i've seen that quote somewhere else though! that's the only sucky thing :P

anyways, the mum has asked me to go and help her with her radio station, she is paying me in money so i think i better make an effort to help and all that. more on this situation as it emerges, movie at 6.


shiva said...

"Edd can crit your face with an execute so hard you will fall off the internet."

loling @ that

shiva said...

I reinstalled WoW last night...damn updates took forever...think I downloaded over 2 gigs of was still going on this morning..hope its done by the time I get home.

Wanna get back in the game and poke around (no raiding for me anymore - no time) until the expansion comes out.

Ooooo death knights...sounds cool, but I probably won't spend too much time leveling one initially since everyone and their mom is going to have one ;)