Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Mango trees are all Blooming

at least, the one in my backyard is. i noticed this as i sat underneath the lemon tree this morning, contemplating fate and life like some pajama wearing Siddhartha. Mango tree blossoms are very pretty with their red stalks and yellow blossoms. also, that means soon the market will be flooded with mangoes! which means...chilled mango and icecream. you have not lived, my friend, until you have put mango slices in the freezer for thirty to forty five minutes and then slapped em on some vanilla ice cream. the perfect thing for those hot summer days :)

Diwali was good fun this year. During the morning i cleaned up the backyard ( surprising my grandmother and mum, i still don't know why i did it, some strange part of me saw all the leaves all over the grass and said, i need to clean) and then helped my sister make the puri for lunch. she will never be a teacher, my sister, for one thing she isn't very good at explaining things.

Sister: see, when they rise to the top you turn them over.

Me: why?

Sister: so they dont burn like those ones you didn't turn over!

Me: they've barely browned!

Sister: it's boiling oil! it'll brown in seconds!

Me: why didn't you tell me that in the first place?

Sister: /facepalm

still, it was a good bonding experience. i reckon.

then the gang met up so's we could go to peoples houses for diwali. Wilson (who provided wheels so we could go to Arjay's house) has provided an awesome post on things to do for diwali, which might be a little late for me to mention but it still makes for a good read nonetheless. first off, we went to Lawrence's mum's place, then we took a ride out to Arjay's place. by the end of the night i had a sore tummy from all the sweets and food. it was so worth it.

i also learned to keep Wilson and fireworks away from each other. that guy is a firehazard. i've never heard so many suggestions to do things that are on the fireworks box specifically telling you not to do them. like lay two sparkly fountains on their sides facing one another, just to see what happens. i would not trust that man with a sparkler.

good times :)

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