Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me and Disease, we are buddies :D

yes, i have managed to contract Dengue. after having a short conversation with John regarding whether or not it could simply be the flu instead of Dengue, i pretty much confirmed it was dengue. it was disgusting, trust me.

so i've spent the last two days drugged up to my eyeballs in panadol and laying around. sometimes reading, sometimes watching the Big Bang Theory (which is an awesome show by the way, i highly recommend). the only differance between my normal lazing around and the new lazing around (now with 100% more Dengue Fever!!11!!11!) is that i am in constant pain. not even the good kind of pain where you're all, oooh, pain.

the suck thing is that i missed the bleddy sean kingston and katchafire concert. i happen to like katchafire, their tunes are jammin'.

i have also discovered that it takes about four to five minutes for me to become nauseated when looking at a computer screen. forgive me, for now i must bid thee adieu.

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sharky said...

awwww...hope you get well soon!