Thursday, October 23, 2008

100th post!

yes, this is the official one-hundredth post here on Awesome Cake. it's been a long and awesome ride. except for those really short posts where i complain about how sick i am. i apologise for those. Awesome Cake's first birthday is also coming up, i gots to get it a present of some kind :P

anyways, in between bouts of making feminist propaganda ( which is more fun than it sounds!) i made a few more designs. oh look, here is one of them now.

yes, that's a caricature of the Griff. speaking of rooting mouths, Edd is doing well. (yes, wow-speak inc) he has left Hellfire peninsula and started cutting things up in the Zangarmarsh. i like Zang, the color scheme contrasts well with Hellfire, going from firey red to calming blue was a nice design choice. Just this morning, Edd was busy committing genocide on some Broken Draenei when he saw off in the distance, an elite fen strider.

Without pausing to consider my options i charged in. Usually this is a bad idea, because elite monsters tend to take a couple of people to defeat. due to their eliteness obviously. Edd had no problems with this one however and soon it was a pile of writhing fen strider pieces at his feet. This is getting seriously weird.

also look! i made fun of our leader:
I don't know what Uncle Frank wants you to do exactly, but i'm sure it's extremely importanto. yeah, i'm not too happy with that one, and in fact might work on it a bit more. unless of course i get distracted by some other piece of art. speaking of other pieces of art, here is the last design for you to look at!
yesh, look at the mess! look at it!

And now i will return to making more feminist propaganda. Let the good times roll!

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