Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the walk

so i have borked my ankle. it was truly a retarded experience on my part. i decided early yesterday morning to go to the shop, so i shlepped on my flip flops and stepped out the door. straight onto someones high-heeled (i live with like, four women, with many more women who come in and out of our house) shoe. needless to say, my lack of any actual experience with high heels made me slip and bork my bloody foot.

yeah, needless to say i now have a pretty cool gangsta walk, (also, its amazing how spell checker doesn't pick up the word gangsta) which will impress everyone. either that or they will think i am crippled. which i essentially am.

i was a bit upset at first, as you can tell from the conversation i had with the waitress at Jody's
(the new pizza place at the MHCC).

Waitress lady: Good evening sir, and how are we this evening?

Me: i have a sprained ankle.

Waitress lady: oh no, what happened? were you dope?

Me: no, no i just tripped over someones shoe.

Waitress lady: that's retarded.

yes, she really asked me if i was dope. it's the walk! it makes people think i'm gangsta!

here is a picture of a giant pink robot:awesome idea of noodles by the way.

i'm going to go back to keep my ankle elevated.

1 comment:

sharky said... poor monkey! hope it heals real soon, and then you can have the gangsta walk minus the ...pain.