Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fuzzy brainpans

you know that feeling you get after a long ass weekend where every night you arrive home at 3 in the morning for 3 days straight? i personally call it the fuzzy brainpan condition. it's not a bad thing though, that state where your mind doesn't seem to be able to concentrate very well. needless to say though, good times were to be had this weekend.

thursday happened to be the day before Fiji Day. i don't know why Fiji hasn't decided to just call it Independance Day like the rest of the world. sure, it might mean that Government Buildings would get attacked by a giant spaceship and Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum would have to save us all with a computer virus, but hey, everyone else calls the damn day independance day, why can't we?

anyways, since it was the day before a public holiday we all went out. good times were had, good food was eaten and the anal commandoes were born. that however, is a story for another day. or at least until the sequel comes out. on friday, there was the movie marathon night. during which we watched too many damn movies.

well, we watched four movies...but i have to say, getting home at 3 in the AM means that i watched too many damn movies. at least Taken was better than Body of Lies (which we saw on Thursday, and i must say i was royally dissappointed in. Ridley Scott, you have lost the damn plot my friend).

and on saturday we had the sorta kinda farewell party for moi. it was a just in case party though, because we doan know if i am indeed leaving next week. the thing is though ,it's good to get it our of the way kind of, and i had bunchloads of fun. what with the singing of songs, the jabbering of the jaws and the watching of the Griff wearing the Pink Vest. yeah, good times.

anyway, i'm off to combat more of the Fuzzies with sleep. and maybe a movie with the gang at John's house.


sharky said...

awwwww....sounds like fun!!!! hehe...mish you all mucho!

Nongkyndong said...

Not everyone calls it Independence Day! China calls it National Day and Malaysia calls it Merdeka, :P

Anal Commando is fun? Really?